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  • Exercise & Such

    When I last posted about this, I had switched from trying to do 10+ minutes on the treadmill 3 times a week to 2 or 3 5-minute sessions. That was in July. Since then I have changed to 6, 7, and now 8 minute sessions. Continue to do 2 or 3 sessions, 3 days a… Continue reading

  • Changing A Few Things

    I’ve been struggling to do more than 10 minutes on the treadmill for months. I’ve also been concerned that my pulse was anaerobically high when I’d finish on the treadmill. I’d been toying with going to shorter times and just doing more of them, and then the new endocrinologist suggested the same. I’ve started doing… Continue reading

  • Year In Review…Kinda

    We don’t quite have one “lockdown now” date. Hubs went to the Seattle Sounders Opening Day game on March 1, 2020, and the next home game on March 7, 2020. The programmer (along with Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech employees in the area) started working from home March 4th, 2020. Our last eating out day… Continue reading

  • Disabled or not?

    A person with a disability is defined as: A person with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; or A person with a record of such a physical or mental impairment; or A person who is regarded as having such an impairment. – NW ADA Center “Disabled” is… Continue reading

  • Back On The Treadmill

    Got back on the treadmill today. (Actual for-exercise home treadmill, not a job.) I started this a while ago, but the last 2 weeks my schedule has been a bit off. I don’t do much, because I can’t. The shortness of breath persisted way past the rest of my recovery from the pulmonary embolism. I… Continue reading

  • Ingress

    If you saw my recent tumblr posts you may have thought I’m playing Ingress.  I am. Ingress is many things: an augmented reality game, Google Maps gamified, a walking game, a reason to get outside the house. The game centers around “portals”.  Portals can be gathering places, libraries, churches, unique businesses, or artworks — and, as a… Continue reading

  • The Fitbit

    I’ve been seeing pedometers discussed a bit lately.  In some ways, they get a bad rap; we’ve seen them [mis-]used in “wellness” programs and that accuracy varies.  Although they can be amusing, as noted by one NY Times commenter: Fitbit has a clip on model that I attach to the waistband of tights or to the center of… Continue reading

  • Happy New Year!

    Hello and welcome!  I’m back at work with my new cartoon-a-day calendar (New Yorker cartoons) and new wall calendar (Pacific Northwest landscapes).  I even cut off some of the photos from last year’s wall calendar to decorate my cube.  Ready to work!  (Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, but today feels like Monday to me.  Yay four-day weekends!… Continue reading

  • “Peaceful” and “relaxing”?

    From today’s Between Friends comic by Sandra Bell-Lundy comes this exchange…. Maeve: How’s your walking regimen? Susan: Actually, I’m enjoying it. Susan: Every evening I walk around the neighborhood … it’s such a peaceful, relaxing way to end the day. Maeve, shocked: “Peaceful” and “relaxing”? Maeve, accusing: I thought you were trying to improve your… Continue reading

  • Things That’s Up

    New job is going well.   It’s my first completely non-managerial job in years.  Even when I was a “department of one” I was was still doing a lot of project / process management. I’m enjoying just doing things. I also like this “getting paid” thing.  ;) My commute is about an hour each way, sometimes… Continue reading

  • Some things I’m glad about today

    1)  Riding the bus to my new job means I’m walking daily again, at least on weekdays. Funny how walking even a 1/2 mile or so every day can feel good, even if it’s spread throughout the day. 2)  Yes, I have a temp gig.   At the moment it’s a better fit than the… Continue reading

  • Yelling Out The Car Window

    Today a young(ish?) male passenger in a car yelled something at me out of the car window. I was walking down the sidewalk at the time.* This isn’t common around here, perhaps because Seattleites are reserved (or unsocial, take your pick) — and/or because it’s the suburbs, so not a huge number of walkers anyway. I… Continue reading

  • A year ago: Exercise Progress

    …I started a program of walking every day.   I didn’t keep up with it being a daily walk, but I did get consistent enough in walking and strength training that I did not have to use a cane since … last January?* I’m considering this a victory. Two things that helped: 1) Focusing on… Continue reading

  • Things you don’t think about…

    I had a job interview.  Overall I think it went well; it seems like a cool place with interesting work, and I think they got a good sense of what I can do for them.  If they make an offer I’ll be pleased, but I’m still looking.  (AKA: Nice first date, but it’s just a… Continue reading

  • Some Good Things

    Riot Nrrd explains why  judging other people’s health can be inaccurate. Despite turning my ankle a couple times Monday (and working too much and walking too little these past weeks) I didn’t have problems walking over a mile at the Sounders game Tuesday night :) My new CPAP mask arrived! Somehow I’d broken the widget that… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Sound Wave

    Yesterday I went to a Sounders game.  Besides the game, there was over a mile of walking to/from the stadium. Plus, our seats are on the 100 level, where everyone stands the entire game – so if you want to see the game you end up standing. Or, if you’re me, you sometimes migrate up… Continue reading

  • Why I like Aravon sandals

    I love having sandals I can get on the treadmill with and not walk out of! Specifically they’re Aravon 3 Strap Sandals I got a few years ago. Today I felt like going for a walk.  Not wanting to burn in the sunshine I decided I’d try the treadmill despite my sandals.  I only did… Continue reading

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