DayintheLife: Oh yeah, I’m fat

Every once in a while I run into one of those “Oh, my, yes, I really AM big” moments.  Recently I had three of them.

1) Going to the football/soccer stadium for the Sounders FC game on Thursday.  As stadium seats go they weren’t the worst I’ve been in; some have the armrests so tight I have to crouch so my hips are below the armrests and then back into the seat.  These were wider, and my knees weren’t hitting the row in front of me…but it was still a tight fit.  (Actually our section was standing much of the time, so I was standing or half-sitting on the seat back.)

2) The “salon/spa” where I got highlights this weekend.  I was probably the largest woman there. The chairs were at least as tight as the stadium seats, but padded and more comfortable.  The tightness seemed to decrease how much my bad knee wanted to work, so each time I’d stand up to move to the next station I’d walk slowly, but no one said anything.  Oh, and they brought me ice water and magazines too.

3) Haven’t got a new chair at work yet, so it’s either take in my exercise ball (which is pretty comfortable, but Monday I forgot) or I get to feel where the arms of the “standard” desk chair digs into my thighs after work.

4) This “diabetes predictor” created by some UK researchers.  I enter my BMI, it says “Body mass index: either leave blank or enter a number between 18.0 and 42.0.”  Which probably indicates that they don’t have data outside those BMIs,  or that they assume that no one will ever have a BMI greater than 42.

None of these are the end of the world, of course.  It’s just four recent little reminders that I am “too big” compared to what most people expect.

(I should be glad that I’m only 5’9″ tall.  If I were 6’6″ I’m sure the stadium seats would be even more uncomfortable. :)



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16 responses to “DayintheLife: Oh yeah, I’m fat”

  1. Angela @ Lost In Splendor Avatar

    BMI is one of the most annoying “medical” things out there. It’s ridiculous. My BMI is 45 and I think my body is fine. The fact that it makes me “morbidly obese” makes my eye twitch.

  2. Angela @ Lost In Splendor Avatar

    Oh! I also wanted to mention. I feel the same way about those stadium seats. What were they thinking?

    I also hate some of the desks at my college. There are definitely certain ones that are a very tight squeeze for me.

  3. Stef Avatar

    Seating is where I notice it the most too.

  4. Bree Avatar

    Ditto on the seating.

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  6. Regina530 Avatar

    *sigh* Chairs…..curse the chairs. This is the big reminder for me too that I am larger than average. At every new place I visit, I have to do a quick looky-loo around the room to see if there’s a chair big enough for my sizable behind. Just today I went to get the windshield replaced in my vehicle and was faced with…wait for it….70’s style cushioned chairs with arms. I sat on the edge of it, or crammed myself into it for the better part of an hour.
    I’m really haiting myself these days….

  7. Joan Avatar

    I recently had a few of those moments. NOT for those faint of heart!

    1) At school in the women’s restroom. I leaned forward to wipe myself, and the entire toilet BROKE OFF THE WALL. I got out of there as fast as I could and haven’t gone to that same one since.

    2) I stepped on the scale at my doctors office (why did I do that?) and it was a cheap scale. I stepped onto it, but lost my balance and the thing broke.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I am cracking up! Not because these things happened but because the toilet incident is my greatest fear! LOL!

  8. librarychair Avatar

    The diabetes predictor also won’t let you enter an age below 25 or above 79. *shrug*

  9. Vince Delmonte Avatar

    The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

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  11. AWordorThree Avatar

    So forgive my ignorance; I’m learning more about the fat acceptance movement as I was recently told that as a slim person who’s never had weight problems, I don’t get it. As a minority (I’m Black) and a woman, I know what prejudice is and I work really hard to be sensitive and aware of people who aren’t “the majority” or “the ideal” aka a heterosexual White Christian male in great shape or his wife Barbie!

    So with that said, I’m aiming to learn more about how I can expand (no pun intended) my worldview as it relates to people of various sizes. Almost all the women in my family are classified as overweight or obese so I have real incentive to.

    And here is my question. As it relates to chairs, what is the solution? I think when it comes to your workplace, that’s a much more manageable situation. Your job was right in allowing you to choose a chair that you could adequately do work in. But should stadiums make seats that accommodate people of virtually every size from 10 lbs up to 600? Should amusement parks, subway cars, airplanes, and etc do the same? Am I being insensitive to think that’s extreme?

    I’m not looking to be callous or mean-spirited; I genuinely am interested in knowing what solution you think is best! Thanks ya’ll!

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      No worries. This post was 1 part just me reflecting on “my, I get out of my own house and I am reminded that I am larger than expected.”

      For general accommodations, a variety of options can work wonders. Sometimes armless chairs work better for those with wide hips. Sometimes having armrests is useful for people who use them to help push themselves up. Think of a restaurant that has some tables and booths — variety can be very useful!

      In movie theaters or stadiums, armrests that *can* move can be great. I generally have the least trouble in new movie theaters or places with some variety.

      I also think some of the anger expressed at airlines is that airlines have made seats narrower to cram in more seats. Planes that in the 60s had 2 seats on 1 side of the aisle and 3 on the other now have 3 smaller seats on each side. And the put in more rows, so even shorter people are knocking their knees on the row in front of them. It’s frustrating.

      1. AWordorThree Avatar

        I like I like! Good ideas. Humans can be creative enough to come up with all kinds of solutions when we genuinely want to.

        Thank you!

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