Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive


I’m not sexy but I really want to be
I hear that’s normal for my demographic
I don’t look good in skirts and even wedges hurt my feet
A nicely balanced budget’s not so thrilling  
Courtesy’s outdated and sobriety is lame 
Reliability is not appealing
But I don’t know any other way to be
I love people and I want them to love me
My virtues are vanilla at best
But you can always call on me  

— from Vanilla by Marian Call  (YouTube)

Marian is a jazz/folk singer-songwriter from Anchorage, Alaska.  Several of her songs touch on her “unsexy” virtues of being reliable and organized.

Hello there my darling there is something we must discuss
How with cellphone in hand your ran my Volvo through the special bus
And I am more a Volvo than any other kind of car
Reliable and and safe and Scandanavian and square

 — from The Volvo Song  (YouTube)

Speaking as someone who likes having balanced budgets, safe drivers, and courtesy in my life, I find these songs have an anthem-type quality.   I like how she’s focusing on what she IS good at.   Not everyone is cut out to be good at everything.  But most everyone is good at something.  Often more than one thing, in fact :)

2 responses to “Vanilla”

  1. Wow, playing a typwriter, that’s so cool! (I love the lyrics, too.)

    1. Isn’t it? She does lots of fun percussion stuff with uncommon instruments ;)

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