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What I’m Reading…

An article on public policy vs academic research tackles salt, but I wonder if the same thing could not be said about dieting. 

If you were an academic researcher, you’d have to persuade your institutional review board that you had considered the risks and obtained informed consent from the participants. […]

But if you are the mayor of New York, no such constraints apply. You can simply announce, as Michael Bloomberg did, that the city is starting a “nationwide initiative” to pressure the food industry and restaurant chains to cut salt intake by half over the next decade. Why bother with consent forms when you can automatically enroll everyone in the experiment? 

Meanwhile, CNN reports on a correlation between insomnia and high blood pressure.   (Funny how articles on insomnia always make me worry about getting insomnia… which can make it harder to get to sleep … and stare at the clock all night … until I move it so I can’t see it from the bed … okay, I’ll quit pulling your leg now ;)

2 responses to “What I’m Reading…”

  1. Because it’s not like suicidal thoughts can cause high blood pressure and insomnia, or anything. Or that mental health problems affect your physical wellbeing and cause a giant feedback loop in which your deteriorating physical wellbeing further undermines your mental health…

    Ugh, that made me mad.

    1. Well, it is two different studies, not one. But yes, depression does tend to go with insomnia – and changes in sleep patterns (usually sleeping less but also sleeping more) is a symptom of depression.

      I noticed the study on suicidal thoughts said they controlled for depression. The one on hypertension didn’t.

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