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TV Turn-Off Week

I’ve mentioned that it can be easier to live fat in a thin world if you opt out of diet commercials and TV programs, and here it is, TV Turn-Off Week.   More info on TV Turn-Off week is here and WikiHow’s How to Quit Watching TV is here.  

On the other hand, it’s thanks to TV that we had Kate Harding of  Shapely Prose on CNN to discuss United Airlines’ pricing policies this very morning.    

(Plug:  Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body by Kate and Marianne Kirby of The Rotund is coming out soon!)  

Anybody doing anything for TV Turn-Off Week?   Do you think working out with an aerobics tape or yoga DVD “counts”?

8 responses to “TV Turn-Off Week”

  1. Truthfully we do not have a TV to begin with (and only even rarely watch movies on the computer) and I did not even know it was Turn Off the TV week until I just read this. That being said, I do think that videos and/or yoga would count, in that the idea is to get away from the set-regaurdless fo what it is used for.

    Take as much of your yoga routine as you know by heart into the backyard or even just into another room of the house. There is a Hebrew expression “mishaneh makom, mishaneh mazel” (literally, you change your place you change your luck)- you never know what a change of senery might do for you.

    By the way, Hi :) I have been reading for a while (and have read all the way back) after finding my way from someone’s blogroll (maybe the Rotund?). I enjoy your writting and at a similar size find it rather comforting to know I am not alone in the universe.

  2. I’m doing the same things I always do, since I don’t have a TV.

    Which usually amounts to listening to audio books, weaving or some other fiber or metal craft, monstrous cooking projects, and fucking around on the internet.

  3. I only watch certain programs, so it really doesn’t affect me. I actually watch more programs and movies on YouTube.

  4. Godless Heathen Avatar
    Godless Heathen

    I stopped watching commercial television, though I still watch PBS. Since I stopped, when I’m stuck with commercial television I’m just stunned by how many ads there are, and how many of them make me angry. Not just the dieting ads, I saw Ellen DeGeneres hawking makeup by saying that outer beauty is what really counts. WTF, Ellen, really?

  5. We don’t have cable and thankfully dont’ spend much more time infront of the TV. For me the big time consumer is the computer. Its’ much easier to be fat in a wanna-be-thin world if you ditch the scale and the television.

  6. I was kind of disappointed the Kate Harding appearance. First of all, she’s NOT fat. Second of all, her co-author on the book that was promoted was never mentioned and the backstory is that she scheduled to appear, but was cut for the more photogenic Kate. You see, her co-author is actually big. Third, Kate is having an “all Kate all the time” time of it never mentioning her co-author. What a burn to her so-called friend.

    1. Meow. Yes, I knew Marianne was supposed to be on originally.

      BTW I think the “all Kate all the time” comment would’ve made more sense if Kate had been on to, you know, talk about the book.

  7. […] that means taking a week away from the pressures of diet ads and fat-phobic messages on TV.  Or maybe you’d rather find […]

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