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Friday Fun: Afternoon Snack

I spent the last hour at my desk, knowing I wanted a snack, but not sure if I how hungry I was.  Then I knew what I wanted but didn’t want to take the time to go to the kitchen and microwave it.   I had a piece of chocolate, some snack crackers….nope.  Finally I sent off a couple projects and headed into the kitchen for what I was really craving….

Carrots, black beans, edamame, sugar snap peas, butter.  Add a bit of garlic and a bit of pepper and YUM.  

There is one drawback though…..the name:


What do you think?  Am I a Traitor to the Cause for eating this?  Or is it just food?

18 responses to “Friday Fun: Afternoon Snack”

  1. Food is definitely just food. I eat the “weight control” instant oatmeal, not because I’m trying to control my weight but because I’m too lazy in the morning to spend more than the 30 seconds it takes to make regular oatmeal, and the non-“weight control” instant oatmeal just tastes too sweet. So yeah, that looks really delicious, go for it!

  2. This is a super tough question. I tend to avoid foods whose labels offend me fatpolwise; but that’s not an especially pure approach, because plenty of foods whose labels don’t say anything diet-ish are still advertised that way, and it’s a slippery slope, and we should all be able to eat the foods we actually want. You should definitely be allowed to eat the exact food you want! Stupid label. I wish there were a version that were exactly the same but without the offensive name!

  3. It’s not the food’s fault the company is calling it names.

    1. This got lots of laughs around my house, BTW.

  4. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, woman, it’s Just Food.

    You probably know I eat bento for lunch most days. They’re touted as Perfect Portion Control. I make bento for a hobby to make sure I have a pretty, nurturing lunch for myself most days. Am I letting the side down doing that, or am I being smart by making myself something beautiful that makes me feel good to have to eat?

    1. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, woman, it’s Just Food.

      That also got a lot of laughter this weekend :)

  5. food.

    Stupidly named food, but it’s just food.

    And it is supporting your “healthy weight.”

    1. And it is supporting your “healthy weight.”

      Intellectually I agree.

      Emotionally…this made me feel a bit bonkers. But in a good way :)

  6. Hmmm. Eat the veggies, send a nasty letter to the company about the name?

  7. Don’t feel bad. I found a package of Slimfast chocolate granola bars at work the other day and decided to try one. It was like eating cardboard with chocolate on it. I ate half of it before I tossed it.

    I say, eat that healthy weight food up and take pride that you’re eating it because you were hungry, it’s what you wanted, and you weren’t doing it deliberately to be “good.”

  8. I say buy it and eat it if it doesn’t bother you. I avoid foods that are labeled as weight loss foods or that come from weight loss companies, but that’s because they bother me, not because I think everyone should make a political point of doing so. And anyway, I make an exception for “diet” soda.

  9. Taste good? Satisfy your hunger? Food. . . Or a food-like substance (ie: Pop-Tarts – Food of the Godz) for sure.

  10. friendly daughter Avatar
    friendly daughter

    It’s just food.

    The sad thing is that so many people have this bizarre hangup about Vegetables As Diet Food, so I get why the company slapped that label on.

    If it makes you feel better, edamame are a classic boozing snack in Japan; the association with gallons of Kirin Ichiban prevent me from taking edamame seriously as “Diet Food.”

  11. I have a “Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers” lunch sitting in my desk right now. Why? Because I actually like the damn things. Hate the name though. Eat your veggies.

  12. I have the same problem with several of my favorite video workouts that are poorly named (Fat Burning Yoga, Pilaties for Weight Loss, etc) but are otherwise fantastic workouts. I still do them and tune out the Calories Burned YAY! mentality….but I do get that traitor to the cause feeling.

  13. Humans just shouldn’t feel guilty about the veggies they eat. Besides, those micro-steamable ones ARE good.

  14. If it bothers you (as it would me), you could get the ingredients separately and make up a bunch of those freezer containers for yourself to nuke at your leisure. Then you’d still get your yummy snack but you wouldn’t be supporting Green Giant’s delusions with your $$.

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