Thankful Thursday

[A weekly exercise in gratitude.]

1) Had a good doc appt today, have new treatment plan for allergies & asthma. 

2) The other day I had the mini-gym at work to myself, so I didn’t have to keep myself from singing along to my iPod while I was on the treadmill :)

3) The wonderful relaxation I get from stretching. 

4) Hearing Carrie Fisher state that one of the benefits of having a life-size Princess Leia sex doll is that when someone tells her to go fuck herself, she actually can….

5) The new Star Trek movie tonight pretty much made up for Star Trek V. ;)







2 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Twistie Avatar

    I think I will love you forever for bringing #4 to my attention.

  2. Regina530 Avatar

    Carrie Fisher is such a goddess she needs her own show!

    Yay for the new treatment plan for your allergies, the freedom to sing out loud at the gym, and stretching!

    We should get together for coffee or something some day since you’re nearby. Would love to know you better.
    ps. Im totally not creepy either! lol

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