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HAES in the News

Marianne Kirby & Kate Harding are interviewed in Newsweek’s blog The Human Condition about their book and HAES.  Hopefully it will make some people think!

In the UK, The Guardian had a piece about Health At Every Size.  As Big Fat Blog notes, it’s all HAES 101 stuff, but that’s why it’s good to get it out in the mainstream anyway.  

(Oh, and I would avoid the comments on those sites unless you have lots of sanity watchers points saved up :)

10 responses to “HAES in the News”

  1. Thanks for the Sanity Watchers warning. I only got through two comments before I heeded your advice and wisely steered clear. Not a bad snippet of interview I think overall.

  2. I liked the Newsweek interview quite a bit. I think the humor translated quite well, and it seemed like the interviewer had a good time. Their personalities came through.
    But, oy, the comments. We can’t measure the progress of fat acceptance by comments. I think the more powerful we get, the nastier they will get.

    1. Yes. I’m glad the interviewer kept the explicit statement that “death fat” is humor, along with the (paraphrase) “sometimes it makes sense to talk about fat and fatter and sometimes it doesn’t.”

      Even I don’t talk about it as much as I thought I would in this blog, and I started this blog because there’s the assumption out there that someone my size can’t be ambulatory.

  3. I loved the interviewer’s reaction to “death fat”.

    1. Yeah, that was hysterical ;)

  4. The article’s a good read, whether you agree with all the points or not.

    As for the comments, I regard them in the same way I view people who say in their religion, I’ve committed such and such a sin, i.e. according to christians, I’m a fornicator. (yep; for shame!)

    I really don’t give a shit, I’m not going to repent, and they’re not going to change their beliefs because I don’t agree with them.

    We can co-exist.

    The problem comes due to their belief that they are the possessors of the way the truth and the light.

    And they try to impose their strange laws on us.

    Their ‘enthusiaism’ means they forget that we have to agree with these laws, we have to consent to go along.

    We do not.

    Eventually, they’ll come to their own acceptance of that.

  5. First time commenting. Good stuff going on here : )


    Agreed, agreed, and agreed. It’s just that the Cult of Epipanic does tend to get under the skin sometimes. Well, all the time actually.

    When the incessant sermonizing, and that’s really what it is, climbs to fanatic proportions it sometimes makes me want to reach though the screen and smack somebody. Irrational, I know, but sometimes Irrationality begets irrationality. And I realize that this is a thoroughly emotional reaction that, on a personal level, I might need to find more positive outlets for. But this reaction is far from uncommon and, I think, also needs to be recognized. Especially amongst the ‘True Believers’.

    They may or may not come to terms with the fact that everybody doesn’t share their worldview on their own. But what I REALLY want to know is; when are they going to realize that preachy condescension and pigheaded obnoxiousness do not, a good argument, make.

    1. It’s just that the Cult of Epipanic does tend to get under the skin sometimes.

      I hear you, I feel that way myself, but I think we deserve better.

      It’s time to put them under the spotlight, because really, they’re just a bunch of people who can’t come to terms with reality.

  6. I pictured the interviewer nearly falling off her chair when deathfat was mentioned. Clearly the highlight of the interview.

    The picture accompanying the interview was nice too.

  7. I just wasted years’ worth of sanity watchers points…I should have heeded your warning.

    What a great interview.

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