Thankful Thursday

Many of my coworkers on vacation will be back next week. 

A friend got a job offer. 

Enjoyed the three-day weekend (America’s Memorial Day, for non-North Americans).

Got some longer walks in over the weekend. 

A husband who likes to cook.







2 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    I finally nailed a time for my oral exam next week and turned in all the materials I’ve been procrastinating in preparing for them yesterday. Big sigh of relief.

  2. Twistie Avatar

    I baked a cake yesterday just because I felt like it…then I discovered that the bass player in Mr. Twistie’s band got engaged over the weekend. Sometimes the universe inspires us at just the right times. Oh, and the cake was a big hit with the guys.

    I have good health, atm, good coffee in my mug, a happy cat purring at my feet, and a lovely bowl of warm grits waiting to be my breakfast.

    It just doesn’t get too much better than that.

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