Small Pleasures

Tuesday I got tired of feeling stiff each time I got up from my desk.  I started an experiement: even if I’m just getting up to get coffee/tea or go to the bathroom, I “take the long way”.  I walk through more of the office than strictly necessary, then downstairs a flight and back up.

I don’t feel stiff after doing this, and also more awake.

Why is this a victory?  Because ever since I messed up my knee, walking downstairs has been a lot harder and more painful than walking upstairs.  Even when I’d built back up to walking upstairs with both legs, I’d still often only use the “good” leg to go downstairs.  At the office I had months of walking upstairs and taking the elevator down.

Now I’ve built enough strength and control that an extra trip down or two doesn’t bother me.  It’s a small pleasure, but I’m savoring it.   :)

5 thoughts on “Small Pleasures

  1. I feel ya. I am regaining function in my left shoulder. Slow, slow, slow and painful, but I can now raise my arm to shoulder height.

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