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  • Women standing up against a society [that bastardizes] thin and athletic women

    [Discussion of fat hate & discrimination] OK, I wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt. When Lesley Kinzel wrote about the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a to stand up for “thin and athletic women” who are oppressed by society’s expectations, I wondered if: The author of the Kickstarter campaign thought that using… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [an occasional exercise in gratitude] It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for… Being thanked for work I did on an event. Being complimented on my writing and this blog. Between blackout curtains and weight lifting I’m mostly getting enough sleep this summer. Physically feeling the benefits of regular strength training. Splurging on a few summer tops & such.… Continue reading

  • Five Things Makes a Post

    New job! I have a new job.  The place I was temping hired me in late December.  I’m not doing exactly the same job, which is both “new and scary” and “cool and interesting”.   It’s also been interesting to note that the things I was looking forward to ending with the contract (the commute,… Continue reading

  • Not quite a post

    So I’d like to write a post, but I’m not sure what about.  At the moment I’m listening to Fatcast and doing leg lifts. I am pleased that I can lie down and do a couple sets of a dozen double-leg raises — lifting both legs together so the feet are about a foot off… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] Not too hot today, so the HVAC system at work going out for most of the day didn’t lead to sweltering…. Helped the man of the house move some equipment that I distinctly remember was really heavy … only it didn’t seem that heavy when I was carrying it tonight. (The… Continue reading

  • Hm. Not sure if this is good or bad…

    On the one hand, going a week without a walk isn’t something I’m thrilled with.  Being inconsistent with exercise is part of how I’ve screwed up my knees in the past. On the other hand, it IS nice that when I finally went for a walk this evening (at 10pm, after work, hoping it would… Continue reading

  • An “Oh!” Moment

    Today I was reflecting on the history of my knee/leg problems, starting with injuring my right leg and knee when I started an exercise program in July of 07.  I attributed this to starting with a more strenuous program than I could handle. Why did I start an exercise program in July of 07?  Because:… Continue reading

  • Bras, Exercise and Other Body Vagaries

    My 44DDD Lilyette #908 (also known as Cortland #7101) bras were getting worn and riding up the back.  Riding up the back usually means the band is too long, but as they were also visibly worn I figured I just needed non-stretched-out ones.  My Elomis are fitting better, but the underwires come right up to my… Continue reading

  • Feeling Better

    I caught up on sleep over the weekend.  This is good thing, since I turn into a bear of very little patience when I don’t have enough.  ;) I also realized yesterday that I’ve gone days without taking ibuprofen for my leg.  I passed “Not hurting all the time” a little over a week ago… Continue reading

  • Starter Strength Training Moves

    [In response to the “You weigh 400lbs and you exercise???  How can I start??” emails, I seem to be doing a “how-to” series on exercise.  Skip it if it doesn’t interest you.] Strength training is often seen as weight lifting, but you don’t have to use weights, so for this post I’m going to assume… Continue reading

  • Why Go to the Gym?

    During a discussion on another site, someone mentioned in passing that “many – if not most – people join a gym to lose weight”. This made me think a bit. Do I hear gymgoers talking about losing weight or wanting to lose weight? Some.  But I also hear gymgoers talking about getting stronger, or faster,… Continue reading

  • Small Pleasures

    Tuesday I got tired of feeling stiff each time I got up from my desk.  I started an experiement: even if I’m just getting up to get coffee/tea or go to the bathroom, I “take the long way”.  I walk through more of the office than strictly necessary, then downstairs a flight and back up.… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday…

    …just under the wire :)  Today I’m thankful for: My Making It Big order (BOGO, on clearance) arriving and all four items fit. I’m taking a long weekend just because I feel like it ;) Being able to lift some boxes today a lot easier than a few months ago. Going out to the French… Continue reading

  • Side Benefits to Exercise

    …and I’m not saying anyone has to exercise.   Goodness knows a lot of the “Exercise Shoulds” do nothing but spoil the party.  But as I’ve tried to let go of the Shoulds and exercise for my own reasons, I’m discovering some things I didn’t expect. I’m generally sleeping better. Less low back pain. Walking or… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Returning to Fitness World

    (I think that’s my new name for the gym, and not just when I’m doing a body fat test.  ;) Yes, I’ve been putting it off.  Partly because I’m easily the largest woman I’ve seen there, partly because dealing with the tech during the body fat test did rattle me a bit, and partly because I… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    1) Friends and family who listen to me whine about work and general stress. 2) We are at the peak of sunlight here … so it won’t be getting worse, and I will be (hopefully) getting better sleep in a few weeks. 3) Continuing fun with weightlifting. 4) Getting faster at walking. 5) I’m sitting… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    1) Back at the gym with its many different sorts of weight and cardio machines … 2) … and my knees are NOT hating me.  :) 3) Not getting embarrassed when I start sweating and breathing hard before my workout partner (who’s on the next treadmill over).  4) A good weekend away from work.  … Continue reading

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