I just want you to have hope!

Losing weight is possible!  Sure, it doesn’t work for most people, but it did for me!  You need to think positive!   Keep trying!   Some of us can lose weight permanently!

Yes, and some people do win the lottery.  Doesn’t mean I’m cashing out my 401(k) to buy lotto tickets.







18 responses to “I just want you to have hope!”

  1. lifeonfats Avatar

    Love the logic fail in this. It worked for that person, but even though they know it doesn’t work for most people, but you still need to try anyway.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Yes. A thousand times yes.

      [chirpy voice] But you can’t win if you don’t play! [/chirpy voice]

      Saw a Hydroxycut commercial today during 30-Minute Meals. All about how it increases your metabolism to burn more calories —while showing disclaimers about “For people living a healthy lifestyle. This is not a weight control product.” The fail in that is insane.

  2. Sniper Avatar

    And the mind-boggling thing is, this person very likely thinks he/she is a nice person just trying to be helpful.

  3. Erin Erlinger Avatar
    Erin Erlinger

    they wouldn’t put those disclaimers there unless they HAD too….i always love the “results not typical” in tiny white type at the bottom of virtually every diet commercial. yet people are convinced that diets really DO work lol.

  4. Alibelle Avatar

    Ugh, it’s so annoying, it’s like all these people that are concerned about fat people believe that fat somehow gets into our brains and makes it so we can’t think as clearly as them. “I know you’ve accepted your body and you’re happy with your life and living in your own skin, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the fat putting pressure on your brain. Listen to me instead of staying true to yourself.”

  5. PurpleGirl Avatar

    I get this sorta stuff from my dad all the time–he doesn’t understand the difference between consciously choosing to be happy with myself, and giving up.

    1. spoonfork38 Avatar

      Yeah, there are a couple of people in my life who don’t understand that giving up’dieting is exactly the same as giving up hating myself.

      They only hear the first two words and say, “Oh, don’t give up–you can still do it!”

      Still do what? Hate myself? Gosh, thanks, I’ll get right on that . . .

  6. MaryLeigh Avatar

    LOL, thanks for making me giggle. You know what makes me soooo mad is that one tv ad where the girl’s like ‘i just hated my body, i was SO FAT!!’ and they show her in a swimsuit ‘before’ and she looks phenomenal- a size 8 tops. Geez. Just another stupid body image saboteur..

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Making people giggle is what I was trying to do :)

  7. Anna Avatar

    Made me giggle too. It also reminds me of the women who date women/men who have ALWAYS cheated, ALWAYS broken up of silly things, ALWAYS stolen money, ALWAYS used drugs but “IT’LL BE DIFFERENT FOR ME”

    Also, kind of sad.

  8. wriggles Avatar

    Everyone knows weight loss is possible. It happens to me everyday between meals. From past experience, if I miss breakfast, I am lighter by lunch dinner, or even supper time. This is permanent and happened all the while I was trying to lose weight by dieting.

    This showsup even more how useless and crap dieting is, I rarely managed to lose more with a huge amount of discomfort and duress than I lost without any effort, naturally.

    I don’t know about you, but I find it insulting to my intelligence to have to pretend that weight loss is hard; when it clearly isn’t.

  9. Patsy Nevins Avatar
    Patsy Nevins

    Also, just because ‘it worked for me’, that doesn’t mean that the weight loss is permanent, even for this person, certainly not unless s/he is willing to commit all time, energy, & thought to maintaining weight loss, such as by becoming an aerobics instructor, making exercise videos, etc.

    And weren’t they supposed to take Hydroxycut off the market, because it has been damaging/killing people? Interesting that you saw the commercial during ’30-Minute Meals’, since Rachael swallows all the hype, all the lies, hook, line, & sinker, & is as critical of her own body as anyone I have seen.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Yes, I wondered that too — of course the commercial said it was a new improved Hydroxycut but it’s not going to refer to being taken off the market, so it’s not clear if it was for the old version and being aired due to a slip-up or a new version.

      Re: Rachel Ray, other than mentioning how meals can be made less calorie if you want I haven’t seen a lot of body criticism from her. (I’ve noticed she also reminds people they can use other meats, especially if she’s doing something with pork or beef, and I haven’t actually seen her do much shellfish. She doesn’t mention religious restrictions but she always points out substitutions….)

      But I mostly watch 30-minute meals and she’s not really interacting with people there.

      I know she has made a statement that the companies using her name for diet products are lying. She hasn’t endorsed a diet.

  10. Tiana Avatar

    Since I luckily discovered FA before I gained weight (it was like a body hate vaccine!), I’d be thoroughly confused for a moment if anyone said that to me. I mean, hope? What do I need that for? Why would I want to lose weight? Oh, right. I’m supposed to. Too bad it isn’t one of my goals at all.

  11. Godless Heathen Avatar

    I was unaware that you did not have hope. I see an active person living her life, not someone who radiates hopelessness.

    Oh but clearly if we’re not all at our goal weights, we’re all just moping around waiting for a kind person to give us hope.

  12. Patsy Nevins Avatar
    Patsy Nevins

    That is good to know that Rachael did not endorse any diet product or program. I have watched her show for years off & on & I know that she had one year when she cooked a lot of low carb fare, & I personally find it irritating when she makes constant references to food being ‘healthy’, or ‘waistband friendly’, or ‘figure friendly’, or when she claims that you should cook things about which you don’t need to feel guilty, etc. She does cook sometimes with shrimp or scallops, I have seen one show where she used lobster & one where she used crabmeat & of course she does/has done many recipes using ground chicken or turkey where I virtually always use ground beef.

    I don’t watch her talk show, but the convenience store across the street usually has it on, & I have caught snippets of her envying the bodies/diet success of guests such as Valerie Bertinelli or telling viewers, as they went to commercial, to go find a ‘figure friendly’ snack. These are the kind of things, after seeing her around tv for 8 years or so, to which I was referring.

    I wonder too if the Hydroxycut commercial slipped through. I always change the channel on diet commercials, but I do remember reading about that being taken off the market.

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