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Thankful Thursday

[Another weekly exercise in gratitude.]

1) I am thankful and honored to read the comments people have made in response to yesterday’s post.

2) Hugs from the man of the house yesterday.

3) Elevator repairs at work this week mean I’m walking more stairs.  I’m managing this MUCH better than I was afraid I would ;)

4) Experimenting with a new-to-me yoga routine from Megan Garcia’s book Megayoga.

5) I feel I’m getting a better handle on “can’t catch breath, need asthma meds now” vs “breathing hard but okay”.  It’s an physical cue I’m getting better at understanding.

4 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I’m glad your stair-walking is going well, but I also hope they fix your elevator soon! My husband has a wonderful parking pass that lets us always get a spot on campus even when it’s packed, but it’s in a deck that has no elevator, and if you park at the top, you need to walk up 3-1/2 flights of stairs. I don’t enjoy having to do that much anyway (even as a pretty fit, not-that-fat fat person), but I particularly am not looking forward to having to drag my pregnant butt up all those stairs. I have made my husband aware that, on days when we’re driving home together, he can meet me at the bottom with the car. ;)

    And, I can totally relate to #5. It took me a long time to be able to distinguish between “Heart rate up, breathing heavy, feeling hot…OMG, it’s another panic attack and I need to stop and start calming myself down” and “Heart rate up, breathing heavy, feeling hot…this is what aerobic exercise feels like and I should keep going.”

    I’m thankful that school starts back up this week. I miss teaching, and I’m looking forward to meeting my students!

  2. It’s a little thing, but I’m thankful for the way things turned out on Project Runway last night.

    I’m thankful that Mr. Twistie loves my new haircut I got yesterday (he usually hates short hair on anybody, but he took one look and said ‘that’s cute!’). Knowing he would probably not like it didn’t stop me from getting it, but it’s nice to find that what’s making me happy is also making him happy.

    I’m thankful that I have good friends who give good advice…and keep on giving it until I take it.

  3. It’s Friday, but I just read the comments on your post, and I’m thankful for them too.

    I wanted to comment more on what happend in that hospital, but reading that article really just left me speechless. Thanks for linking to it, I am so grateful to for such a great community of thoughtful people.

  4. It’s reassuring to see that someone else has that issue with asthma versus regular exercise-related shortness of breath!

    I have some mild asthma problems now, but had it much worse as a child and also had repeated severe pneumonia due to immune problems, so when I get a little short of breath on the treadmill my brain immediately goes to “OMG asthma attack incipient pneumonia STOP MOVING RIGHT NOW” when, in fact, if I keep moving I will just remain a little short of breath and that’s OKAY. Very hard to retrain the brain, though!

    Enjoying the blog very much. *cheers you on*

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