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Walking: Green Lake

Green Lake Map
Green Lake Map

Green Lake is one of Seattle’s popular parks.  It’s also within 10 miles from where I grew up; for many years my mom and her friends would pack up their kids (including me) and spend the day at the park.  We’d play in the water or run around while the parents would loll on the sand and work on their tans.*

The lake is very popular for walking, biking and skating.  The official path around the lake is 2.8mi of mostly-flat winding asphalt or gravel that’s easy to walk on.  Most of the year, the path goes in and out of shade from the numerous deciduous trees in the park.  There’s also a dirt/gravel path or sidewalk along the border of the park.  If you want to take a break, there’s benches scattered along the path.

For other recreation there’s sports fields, a wading pool, an indoor pool, boating, swimming, people-watching, waterfowl-watching, and so forth.

In college — still living at home — the lake was on one of my commute routes between school and home.  Friends from church belonged to one of the volleyball leagues that played in the park, and I would often stop by to say “hi”.

My senior year I was working less, and I’d stop and walk around the lake once or twice a week on my way home.

As part of my vacation prep I’ve been walking 1/2 mile to a mile 2 or 3 times a week, plus a longer walk each weekend.  Today I walked partway around the lake, gawked around the recently remodeled Green Lake Library (originally built in 1905), had lunch at Starbuck’s, and doubled back to the car.   It was about 1.8 miles all told.

I also revisited many memories, such as the early years of the Bite of Seattle, which were held at Green Lake, or seeing a production of Comedy of Errors at the Bathhouse Theater.

*It was the 70s.

3 responses to “Walking: Green Lake”

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  2. … Who gets a tan in Seattle? (Former Seattleite speaking.)

  3. I really miss living close to Greenlake I used to walk it quite a bit.

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