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Virtual Window Shopping: Halloween

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Catsuits from Love Your Peaches
Catsuits from Love Your Peaches

I’ve done different things for Halloween.  One piece is the Love Your Peaches catsuit in black velvet.  I bought it for clubbing, but it (or black leggings and top) can be the basis of many a costume.  Get cat ears & a tail at a costume or craft store, a pair of black gloves, and presto: cat costume.  Add a black ski mask and you’re a cat burglar.   Find a cape and mask and you can be a superhero.   Hang a few whips and handcuffs from your belt and you’re a dominatrix.  And so on.

I did a goth outfit one year: long black wig, black slacks, black velvet top, black nail polish, and a deep blue lipstick that made my lips purple.   (The clothes and black shoes I had, just not the wig and makeup.)

I’ve also done variations on the standbys of witch (long black dress, black pointed hat), gypsy (colorful clothing, scarves, jewelry), and toga (white sheet ;)

Roaman’s does have plus-size  (but not supersize) costumes.

Do you like to dress up for Halloween?  If so, what costumes do you favor?

10 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping: Halloween”

  1. Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Christmas, but unfortunately I will not be dressing up this year. If I were going to any parties, I would be going as a 60’s flower child. I have a long black broomstick skirt, a black peasant like top, peace sign necklaces, a peace sign scarf, and my late grandmother’s large black hoop earrings. Paint a peace sign and some flowers on my face, and wa-la!

    Being deathfat with limited options available to you for costumes, you have to get really creative. Luckily for those that can sew, no problem. But when you can’t sew, it’s like going on a scavenger hunt. One year for Halloween where I had to dress up for work, I went as a killer chef. I borrowed a white apron, smeared it with fake blood and stuck a fake butcher knife smeared with fake blood in the pocket. A co-worker whipped up a chef’s hat for me which I stained with fake blood. I definitely freaked out some people, but I was proud of that costume!

  2. My favorite halloween costume ever was when I basically wore a blue dress with some blue fabric draped like a shawl, blue makeup, and pinned tampons and pads dipped in blue paint all over the costume. I went as Picasso’s Blue Period.

  3. Halloween is my favorite day of the year, & I start decorating my house in September. I don’t do a costume as such, but I wear Halloween earrings & often some of my Halloween socks & t-shirts. I spend a lot of time with a 4-year-old & she sometimes gets me to add a witch’s hat from the Dollar store.

    And I love that picture of the beautiful fat women in their catsuits.

  4. This year I got way creative. I’m being “Queen Midas”, as in completely gold. Instead of laboring to find a gold dress in my size, I opted to buy a number of a yards of cheap gold fabric to wrap around myself as a toga. (I think I spent all of 16 dollars on it?) No sewing for me! haha! I got gold theater paint, spray painted some old sandals gold, and I got a yard of gold cord to be my crown. It’s going to be great! I’m going to be totally hot and totally gold and totally fat. I love it. :D

  5. I always like the naughty schoolgirl thing, which is easy because all you need is a white button down shirt and plaid skirt, with knee highs. I’ll do my hair in pigtails or a ponytail.

  6. Halloween is my favorite holiday as well. I was an actress for many years, and being bigger even then, I learned to make my own costumes, or help the department sew, so I learned how to make fantastic costumes. I think my favorite costume that I made was an authentic flapper dress and a can-can outfit for a friend of mine. I actually hate buying costumes from the stores. They are so cheaply made that they never hold up to our cold Wisconsin fall nights and outside Halloween parties.

  7. i was lucky enough to live next to a costumer for high school theatre droductions. he also collected clothing and just so happened to have a 60’s mama cass dress she actaully wore! between that, my school girl skirt i got at target with my fiancee’s button down and a reallly really simple “kimono” that i made a few years ago i am set for costumes for a while. I espically love the kimono…..take 8 -10 (im tall) yards of fabric. cut a v neck hole and line with white……then sew a big fat T shape in it.

  8. HORGAHFURSHURR!!!!!!!!!!!shift+1 OMFG! I’ve been looking for a suit that would fit me JUST LIKE THAT on the internet for like two years now! O___O THANK YOU WILL BUY IMMEDIATELY!

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