Junonia QuikJersey

Has anyone tried Junonia’s QuikJersey items?  Currently they’re $25 off through Sunday night (US Central Time) when offer code KMH6L is entered.  The items include a tank, leggings, shorts, and a track jacket.

Offer details:

How to apply your promotion code: At checkout, on the Billing Information page, go to the section labeled “Offer or Catalog Key Code” (right side below Shipping Options) and enter the Promotion Code KMH6L in the space provided.

Limited Time offer- Promotional savings may be deducted from returns. Consumer is responsible for applicable taxes and duties. Offer ends at 11:59 P.M. CST, Sunday, March 6, 2011.

For those who don’t know, Junonia is an American company which specializes in workout and sports clothing for sizes 1x – 6x, including such hard-to-find items as zip-off convertible hiking pants, ski pants & jackets, tennis skirts, padded bike shorts, and swimsuits that are meant for serious swimming.   They also offer general gym and casual clothing.

Virtual Window Shopping: Holiday Lingerie

[Looking at nifty supersize clothing, which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled on actual fat people.]

Santa red bra & skirt with white feather trim

Santa red bra & "skirt" with white feather trim

You guys.  I cannot believe this.  Lane Bryant has Santa-themed lingerie in my size.

The bra?  Comes in 36C to 44DDD, which, y’know, I’m wearing a 44DDD bra right now.

The matching thong or skirt?  26-28, which, I’m wearing LB briefs in size 28 right now.

I am seriously surprised.

Meanwhile, Catherine’s has a red seamless bra (without the trim) up through 50DDD.  And Woman Within has holiday-themed outfits, including a bunch of snowflake and other “themed” sleepshirts in “Mommy and child” sizes.

Virtual Window Shopping: Tie Dye

Violet Night Tee

Violet Night Tee

[Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

I confess: I am in lust with this violet and black tie-dye tee.   Mostly I love the colors and abstract color patterning – I like that it’s not a uniform print, or if it is, it’s  a large enough print that it doesn’t look cookie-cutter.

I also like the longish (33″) length and 100% cotton.  I’m not sure about the neckline, but overall I like it, though not $59 worth…and there’s the whole “I have lots of clothing already” thing.

PJs or pants?

PJs or pants?

I’m also tempted to get a pair of these tie-dye pajama bottoms, despite the fact that I never wear pajamas.  I wouldn’t wear them as pajama bottoms, I’d wear them as pants, because they would be fun – and $15.99 ($12.99 for smaller sizes) is a nice price.

But I’ve learned that I rarely wear bottoms without pockets, no matter how cool they look, so I’m not going to order them.


Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK

[Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Does the blue-and-white top at right look like a “crew neck” to you?  Because — while I like the top, which is from Sealed With A Kiss Designs (SWAK for short) I gotta say that looks more like a scoop neck to me.

I’m curious as to what the texture of this is like, since it looks like a basic knit top, but is described as a “burnout” top.

The top comes in cotton/poly/spandex, sizes 1x-5x, in a couple different colors. Also in a v-neck.   It’s currently on sale for $21.99.

I also like this rather more elegant v-neck blouse, although I wonder if the V of this particular v-neck might be a bit too deep on me.  (I have a lot of boob, and thus a lot of cleavage.)

My practical side also notes it’s a bit too “evening dressy” for my job (it would be fine for “office” with a jacket — but usually a jacket is too formal for my current job).

But it IS lovely, and has a cool-but-not-too-out-there asymmetrical hem, even if it’s not really practical for my current life.   It comes in sizes 1X-7X for $38.00.

Virtual Window Shopping: New at Making it Big

tie-dye shirt

[Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

In the last few years I’ve been acquiring more tie-dye shirts. I think it’s partly that they tend to be a subtly variegated pattern, and I prefer the subtle patterns (at least in everyday life – for workouts I’m tempted by things like this in orange and hot pink).

The shirt at left is very tempting, in part because it’s not a typical t-shirt, meaning it has darts and shaping, as well as a nice subtle pattern.  It’s also hand-dyed, made in the US, and $75, so I probably won’t be getting it.

I also tend to be tempted by dresses and skirts with pockets, like the one at right.  However I am reminding myself that I already have a couple dresses with pockets, I have skirts with pockets, and I don’t wear dresses or skirts very much.  So I don’t need this one, especially since jewel and crew necks don’t always like me.  Really.

FYI for those who have been dismayed that Making it Big is mostly supersizes: they have reworked their smaller sizes to be more fitted.  Their 22-24 and 26-28 equivalents have been split into 22, 24, 26 and 28 equivalents.  However they still aren’t going smaller than size 22.   Their size chart is here.

FYI, I tend to wear a G (tops) or H (bottoms) in their sizing.

Virtual Window Shopping: Hammock, Anyone?


This hammock at Living XL and rated to 600lbs.  Of course, when add you the hammock and the stand together it’s $390 plus shipping (if you’re feeling self-indulgent you can add the weather-resistant pillow for another $70).

They also have a wooden stand (450lb capacity) which looks similar to one at Frontgate.

Of course, then I remember that I live in Seattle, so not only would it be useful for a rather limited amount of the year, I’d have to drag it indoors for storage in the off-season.  Le sigh.

Living XL also has exercise equipment (including fit balls rated to 1000lbs), bikes, clothing, and other useful items for people of size.

Bras, Exercise and Other Body Vagaries

My 44DDD Lilyette #908 (also known as Cortland #7101) bras were getting worn and riding up the back.  Riding up the back usually means the band is too long, but as they were also visibly worn I figured I just needed non-stretched-out ones.  My Elomis are fitting better, but the underwires come right up to my armpits, and I like the Lilyettes.

So I bought 2 new 44DDDs.  Which are also riding up the back.  Not in the first 5 minutes, when I might have returned them if I wanted to eat the shipping.  No, after a few wearings.

Bras can really get on my nerves.  When well-fitting and supportive, they’re great!   They let me just get on with my day.  But when they’re NOT well-fitting or supportive, they range from uncomfortable to painful — sort of like not wearing a bra at all, in fact.

Bra shopping is worse.  Most women aren’t my size, which means most bras aren’t made for a woman my size.  This limits my choices in bras, but also in shopping venues.  Real variety is only available online.  As Lesley at Fatshionista memorably pointed out, this is not fun.

The cup size fits fine, at least, and they are now available in a G cup, so I could order a 42G to try (after buying it and paying shipping, of course).

Alternatively … I’ve been so focused on walking and leg exercises that I haven’t been doing any upper-body exercises lately.   One of the things that’s always frustrated me when I start doing upper-body exercises is that I generally end up needing a bigger bra rather quickly.  Bigger how?  Band size.

Changing my underbust size is expensive.  Bras don’t support DDD/G boobs unless they fit well, damn it, and my bras cost at least $25; my Elomi bras are $54, and they’re not the most expensive I’ve seen.  So of course that’s the part of my body that changes quickest when I exercise!  The only other part which would be more expensive to change would be my feet!

Today I did 12 wall push-ups, which felt good.   When I’m ready I’ll switch to doing push-ups on the foot of my bed*.   Later I’ll get out the dumbbells for some curlshammer curls, and shoulder presses.   And if the 44DDD Lilyettes still aren’t fitting in a month then I’ll see about a 42G.

*I have a very sturdy bedframe that was made by a friend. The kitchen counter would also work.

Virtual Window Shopping: Big On Batik

Big On Batik Sweetheart Top

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Big On Batik has lots of yummy things on sale, including their sweetheart top,  scoop tee, and handkerchief top — not to mention dresses and Hawaiian-style shirts.

Big On Batik has been an internet store catering to fats since its inception.

They do make some appearances at events, such as the Vegas BBW Bash I attended a few years ago.

I most frequently wear a pink with purple butterflies sweetheart top of theirs.  It makes my coworkers smile on the grayest days.  I also have a matching purple knit skirt with pockets, which I most often wear on weekends.  My floral sundress with black bolero jacket is fine for the office in summer — and great for a party, too.

Big On Batik carries women’s 1x (18/20) – 6x (38/40), and some items in their extended (7X+) sizing.  They also offer men’s shirts in XL (53″ chest) – 6X (70″).

Virtual Window Shopping: Hourglass, Apple, Pineapple, Pear…

Shades of Right Fit Jeans!  Junonia has come out with a series of sport pants in 4 different cuts, in sizes 1X to 6X, and 3 different lengths.  Nice, eh?

Hourglass, Apple, Pineapple, Pear

Four pants designs

Well…sort of.  You see, they’re not giving any custom sizing for them — just talking about cut in the description.  Has it perhaps not occurred to them that things like “garment waistband measurement”  or “garment hip measurement” might help some of us to determine which cut we might want?

Virtual Window Shopping: Sanctuarie Va-Voom

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Sanctuarie’s princess-seamed dress and wrap might work for Valentine’s Day.  Or clubbing.

Dress with wrap, sketch, and swatch

Dress with wrap, sketch, and swatch

I’m not feeling quite enough love to buy a dress that would require a strapless bra, but it is nice to see a dressy dress that’s machine washable!

(The description emphasizes that this dress is “definitely not for the modest”. )

Sanctuarie also carries a full line of clothing in 0x-9x, including swimsuits, lingerie, sleepwear, and even some costumes.   Most of their clothing is shown on mannequins, not models.

Not all their clothing comes in all sizes (especially not in clearance) but a goodly portion of it does.  I’ve never done business with them, though, so I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has.

Virtual Window Shopping: Zaftique

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Zaftique carries a lot of sexy clothes.  V-neck asymetrical top with an impressionist-style pattern in blues and browns Curves are emphasized; stretch (and lace and chiffon and velvet) is often utilized.   Not everything’s tight, mind, but a lot of it is.  There’s also a  sense of fun in a lot of the clothes – such as the floral leggings :)

Zaftique carries sizes equivalent to size 12-38. Their models range from inbetweenie to pretty large, even in the active wear section. They also often includes alternate views  (such as these views of the tunic at right, for example).

I was tempted to get this brown top, but I already have it in a variated blue.  (The brown is currently on sale — have to select the size to see the sale price, though…)

Brown v-neck top with lace trim on neckline, arms, and bottom.

The only drawback to my current lace-trimmed top is the V-neck.  We are talking a deep, deep V.  I’m careful which bra I wear with it — and even then, it’s a party top, not a work top.

I also bought their “celestial diva” dress for a sci-fi themed wedding.  Its drawback was the sheer panels above the bust dictated a strapless bra.  I’d gotten a convertible bra with clear plastic straps, but the straps were still visible through the sheer panels.  It was great for the wedding, though, and I sold it on eBay shortly after ;)

I admit the website design does get to me sometimes —  if a top comes in 6 colors they show 6 separate items, which can make a lot to go through — but sometimes this means I can see a garment on multiple body types, which is useful.

Virtual Window Shopping: Nifty Prices

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Mostly with the virtual window shopping I’ve been looking at women’s clothes that I could wear* and that I think are really really nifty.   This week it’s stuff I could wear, like enough to wear, and have nifty prices — under $25.

One Stop Plus:

Print knit tunic to 5X, $14.88.

Thermal Henley shirts in gray and chocolate to 6X, $11.99.

Knit drawstring pants in 3 lengths with pockets to 6X, $12.99-$21.99

Dressy skirt in red to 34W, $17.99.

Jean jacket to 34W, $19.99.

Knit sleepshirt to 7X/8X, $15.99


Rib knit tank swimsuit to 6X, $14.99

“Dream. Laugh. Live.” and “Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously” v-neck t-shirts to 5X and 6X, $9.99

Print skirt to 6X, $19.95

Fleece barn jacket to 6X, $19.95

Tennis skirt in closeout colors to 6X, $14.95

Woman Within:

V-neck long-sleeve tee to 7X, $13.99.

You’ll want them if it snows: Fleece sweatpants to size 6X in 3 lengths, $16.88-24.99.

Most of this stuff is pretty casual.  Partly it’s because my job lets me dress casually (and that’s something I do look for when interviewing) but partly it’s because a lot of the dressier stuff is not available in my size or at the target price.

*For the purposes of this series I assume anything 4X+ has a chance of fitting.  Sizing varies depending on manufacturer and cut, plus, sometimes I’m in an oversized mood and sometimes I’m not.

I’ve also seen 4X to be translated as 34/36W,  30/32W, AND 26/28W. Toss in that I’ve seen both 28W and 34W marked for a 58″ bust (again from different manufacturers) and I understand why a common eBay convention is to measure a shirt’s width while it’s laid flat on a table!

Virtual Window Shopping: Halloween

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Catsuits from Love Your Peaches

Catsuits from Love Your Peaches

I’ve done different things for Halloween.  One piece is the Love Your Peaches catsuit in black velvet.  I bought it for clubbing, but it (or black leggings and top) can be the basis of many a costume.  Get cat ears & a tail at a costume or craft store, a pair of black gloves, and presto: cat costume.  Add a black ski mask and you’re a cat burglar.   Find a cape and mask and you can be a superhero.   Hang a few whips and handcuffs from your belt and you’re a dominatrix.  And so on.

I did a goth outfit one year: long black wig, black slacks, black velvet top, black nail polish, and a deep blue lipstick that made my lips purple.   (The clothes and black shoes I had, just not the wig and makeup.)

I’ve also done variations on the standbys of witch (long black dress, black pointed hat), gypsy (colorful clothing, scarves, jewelry), and toga (white sheet ;)

Roaman’s does have plus-size  (but not supersize) costumes.

Do you like to dress up for Halloween?  If so, what costumes do you favor?

Window Shopping: Sweaters

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing, which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people]


Plus Woman Made-to-Order Sweater

After weeks of highs in the 70s and 80s we’re suddenly experiencing … fall. I even wore a sweater to work today.

I’ve been looking forward to sweater season this year.   Suddenly I don’t worry about whether my bra’s cup seams show.   Since my desk at work seems to be in a cold pocket of the office, I’ve kept a sweater at work for the summer which frequently ended up around my shoulders in the morning.

Now it’s colder.  Considering I have enough sweaters (and cords and sweats) that I put most of them in the guest room closet for the summer I may not buy any this year, but I do like to look.

So I’m looking ;)

Plus Woman has a textured poly/rayon/acrylic a-line sweater in eggplant or navy for $69.  Note it’s one of their “Made to Order” items, so you can choose the length (from 27″ to 40″) scoopneck or v-neck, and sleeve length.   This can be a really good option if you want a particular fit.  Plus Woman also has other, less customized sweaters from $34.

Plus Woman has its own sizing, ranging from an 18W-20W equivalent to a 38W-40W equivalent.

MiB calls this a "textured pullover".  The texture does look nice...

MiB calls this a "textured pullover".

Over at Making it Big there’s the textured scoopneck sweater, complete with a little cellphone (or cardkey) pocket on the side. There’s also a cardigan version but it’s the scoopneck that I’ve been ogling for over a month now.

Both come in the rust or olive.

Why haven’t I ordered it?  It is hand wash / lay flat to dry, which seems a bit excessive for a cotton/acrylic mix.   Plus I already have a pile of sweaters, including a rust-colored (v-neck! cabled!) sweater, which makes shelling out another $99 a bit hard to explain to myself.

(No, I don’t want olive.)

Making it Big also has their own sizing, ranging from an 22W-24W equivalent to a 46W-48W equivalent.

Shopping: Bras, Bras, Bras

(“Bras, Bras, Bras” to be whined in an intonation similar to the infamous “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”)

Sometimes I wonder if the bra I wear most is as supportive as they feel or if I’m just really used to them—in fact, I think a lot of bra comfort has to do with what you’re used to and what you look for in a bra.  I want it to hold up my boobs, mainly, and to also provide some separation and definition.  I’m not a fan of minimizers for daily wear.   I generally find soft cups either don’t provide enough support for me OR they use way too much compression.   (I do find a cotton soft cup with compression is great for exercising.  Not so great for work.  But that’s me.)

The bra I’ve been using for years is the Lilyette Women’s Maximum Support #908 (thru 44DDD) which is also known as Cortland Full Figure Underwire (thru 52DDD). Usually I find these for $24-$34.   However, they have gotten harder to find.  The local Macy’s and Nordstrom’s quit carrying them; the local Catherine’s sometimes has them but only in soft cup, which I always feel I’m drooping out of.

I’ve been wearing these in both 46DDD and 44DDD, depending on time of the month, but the 46DDD are becoming bigger (or I’m slightly smaller) and moves around too much.   Meanwhile the 44DDDs are older and very worn. I also tend to adjust them to make them fit — often bending the underwires inward toward the breastbone, or removing the stays on either side.

So I’ve been trying some new bras.  In particular, I’ve been looking into larger cup sizes.  The Elomi Jasmine underwire full coverage bra I initially found at Nordstrom’s in 44G.  The band is tight, yes, but the underwires are right against my breastbone in front, and the girls feel lighter somehow.  Thrilled, I bought 2.  At first it was great for the first few hours, a bit tight/weird for the next 3-4 hours, and then uncomfortable after that.  I have to keep my torso straighter in this bra; I would not attempt yoga in it, and the underwires do come right up to my armpits.  Now, well, either the band’s stretched a bit or I’m getting more used to it, but it’s much more comfortable — at least for the first 10 hours.

The Elomis are priced at $54 though, which, ow.

Again, I’m not sure how much of the comfort/discomfort is about what I’m used to and how much is the bra itself.   But I wanted to try a few others.  I’d given up on Lane Bryant for bras, but I’d heard on the Fatshionista LJ group that Lane Bryant does have larger-cup bras in their Cacique stores, and there is one in the greater Seattle area.  So I ventured south to Tukwila and tried some, eventually purchasing a Cacique (LB) Lace full coverage bra with seamless cups in 46DDD that felt great the first hour or so  … and then I felt like my boobs were falling out, as in, the cups are smoothing but not supportive.  Tightening the band and straps didn’t help.  Also, a month had gone by, too–a month in which I began working out more frequently.  My 46DDD Lilyettes are looser too.  So I got a 44DDD (in blue!) a few weeks ago.  The band was a little tight but the cup fit was excellent…

I thought …

Until yesterday, when again, I felt like the cups weren’t, um, there.  Or not there enough.  Then, about 4:30, I looked down to see a white-tipped underwire poking out between the buttons on my blouse.

Head, meet desk.  Only no, don’t, not sure what that would do to the underwire.  I adjusted my blouse to cover the wire, went to the women’s room, undressed in the stall, and poked the underwire back into place.  Then I went home to change.

So now I get to decide if I want to try to return a two-week old bra that has been worn 3 or 4 times.  Without receipt.  Or if I want to sew the underwire’s “doorway” closed, and perhaps only wear it to be seen in.  (AKA a “date bra”).

Also, in the meantime?  My 46DDD Lilyettes are looser yet, to the point where the stay on the left-hand side (I lean to the left when mousing) has actually scraped some of my skin off last week.  I wore exercise bras all weekend to help with healing.  Today I’m wearing an Elomi bra, which fits snugly and doesn’t have side stays.

And I think I’ll be getting more of the 44DDD Lilyettes.

Virtual Window Shopping Swimsuits

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing,  which is to say, clothing I can wear.  Preferably modeled by fat people]

Halter top at Love Your Peaches

Halter top at Love Your Peaches

I’m looking forward to a sunny vacation in November.   So naturally I’m looking at swimsuits.  Even though I already have 4 suits.

Okay, if you don’t want to know why I have so many suits, skip down.  I liked my deep size 30 V-neck skirted-style once-piece from Sylvia’s Swimwear enough to buy a second one — I could swim laps in it at the gym and enjoyed men’s reaction to the V.   Then I took a water aerobics class and, um I “bounced” right out of the V.   So I got a higher-neck one for water aerobics.  The 4th is a 2-piece (skirted top with detachable straps and black bottom)  I picked up on sale because my torso is longer than average and, yes, Land’s End makes long-torso women’s one-piece suits, but not in supersizes.   Then I found a nudist group that periodically rents a private pool and didn’t need a suit at all!  Oh well.

So … despite not having used the pool at my gym at all this year … I am looking.   Not necessarily buying.

The suit at the right is from Love Your Peaches.  One thing about Peaches is that tops and bottoms are sold per piece, so if you are, gasp, different sizes on top and bottom you don’t have to decide which half doesn’t fit.  It also gets around the “long torso” thing.   At right is the “Marilyn” halter top and one of the “boyfriend” bottoms.

And, of course, the one sort of suit I currently don’t have?  Is a bikini.

Junonia Crossback Suit

Junonia Crossback Suit

No, I’m not sure I’d want to bare my tummy in public, but that red one does make me consider it.  :)

Peaches also has a skirted top – and the skirt can be mesh or solid.  Of course, if I got the top in something that coordinates with black, I could wear the black swimsuit bottom I already have.  Hm.

Junonia’s swimsuits have more of an athletic bent.  I already have a servicable tank suit to fit that need, but then a 25% off on selected swimwear & athletic wear announcement popped into my inbox.  Low and behold, it includes Junonia’s crossback suit (at right).   I’m curious as to how easy it would be to get into, but not enough to buy yet another tank suit.   They also have a tall tank suit for under $30…IF you wear size 4x or below…

Virtual Window-Shopping

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing,  which is to say, clothing I can wear.  Preferably modeled by fat people]

Some things I’m thinking of but not sure I need enough to buy:

Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt

  • A purple patterned flannel shirt – Not a “typical” flannel shirt, so I’d feel less 90s in it than my plaid ones.  But collars and I don’t always get along.
  • Blue & purple watercolor shirt – Bright & fun.  Again, collars can be an issue.
  • Teal patchwork blouse – Would be great alone or layered. It even has pockets.
  • Brushstroke tee or mock turtle – Could easily wear to work.  Of course I already have plenty of v-neck long-sleeve tees and 3 long-sleeve turtles.

What things are you thinking about right now?

Oh, and is it just me that isn’t sure whether Junonia’s “Junoesque” is convenient or a pain?  Don’t get me wrong; if you aren’t going to offer everything in all sizes, then having a separate section for the large sizes that aren’t always available can help me find them.  But why include 4x in the “sometimes we carry these sizes” section when they routinely offer clothing in sizes 1x-4x?

…and do I possibly need any more sweaters?