Fun: Two Lumps: Fat & Furry

The left leg (which has traditionally been the “good” leg) has decided to give me pain and occasionally not want to work.  I’m not thrilled with this.  I am exercising carefully and taking ibuprofen and trying to not freak out.

In the interest of not freaking out, I’m reading They Still Suspect Nothing: Two Lumps Year Four which came in the mail today.  (It’s the 4th year of the comic, with commentary on each comic from creators Mel Hynes & J Grant.)   I’d completely forgotten about this filk of the song “Ridin’” (which some know better as the basis of “White and Nerdy“).

Snooch, rolling on couch: They see me rollin' I'm purrin' But they're just jealous 'cause I'm all fat and furry! Ebenezer:  Wo yeah he's fat and furry!  Cantcha see he's fat and furry? Snooch: People tell me to just get lean But they ain't down with the feline scene No cat wanna be all shaped like a string bean I wanna nap and eat my weight in poutine! Snooch:  All the moggies wanna be like me! I steal Mom's food when she gets up to go po--- Off screen: HEY! What happened to my tuna sandwich?! Ebenezer: 5-0 at the do', gotta go

This comic really worked for me today.  Cats don’t *care* about whether they’re fat, they care about stalking and sunbeams and pets.  :)



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6 responses to “Fun: Two Lumps: Fat & Furry”

  1. scattered marbles Avatar

    lol this is adorably funny!

  2. vitty10 Avatar

    Very cute!

  3. JeninCanada Avatar

    I used to follow this one fo ra while; Snooch is just too adorable! They remind me of my own two cats, both a little passed pleasantly plump, one ditzy, one snarky.

  4. CTJen Avatar

    mmm… poutine…

  5. anna bananapants Avatar
    anna bananapants

    You’ve got to give it to cats for having their priorities in the right order! I’m all for sunshine and pets myself.

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