Some Things Worth Reading

Suethsayings summarized the research on long-term weight loss surgery results.

Bree at Life on FATS asks if anyone’s been refused entrance to a nightclub for being fat.  (I replied over there but thought I’d try “boosting the signal” ;)

Anyone thinking of doing NaNoWriMo?  I’ve done it in the past, but not this year.

Naafa quoted USA Today on flying while big — or tall!  Kudos to the reporter who realized that it’s not just fat people who don’t fit in airline seats but tall ones too.

Cordy at Scattered Marbles posted a paper she wrote on Media and the Obesity “Crisis” and some cool fat-positive art like:

…and in a totally off-topic moment, the everyday life of Darth Vader.







10 responses to “Some Things Worth Reading”

  1. Niki Avatar

    Oh!! If you want more fat-positive art, try this:

    I hope that counts. :)

    I’m actually an artist myself and kind of want to contribute some awesome fat-positive art, too. But… pretty busy right now. Boo. :(

  2. CTJen Avatar

    I’m doing NaNo this year! I’m thinking either zombies or superheroes or aliens or some combination thereof. We’ll miss you this year!

  3. CTJen Avatar

    also, sorry about all those exclamation points!!!!!



  4. lifeonfats Avatar

    Thanks for boosting the signal.

    Also, Cordy’s paper was wonderful reading.

  5. luckyluckygirl Avatar

    cross-posted signal-boosting:
    I have never been refused entrance, but I did confuse the hell out of a bouncer a few years back. There was a lingerie party at a local club, so my guy friend and I got dolled up, and I wore a skirt so as not to offend the masses. We went through the ID Check, and he goes, “Uh, it is a lingerie night down there.” I flashed him my garter belt strap and said “I know”.

  6. meerkat Avatar

    Debating with myself whether Darth Vader has teeth or wears socks actually makes me less depressed. Yay!

  7. Cassy Avatar

    NaNoWriMo for the win! It’s my fourth year novelling, and my first as a municipal liason. My story is about a culinary student, aliens, and odd food.

    And that picture is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t stop staring.

  8. Jae Avatar

    I did NaNo last year and I desperately want to do it again this year but a) I am in grad school full-time and I have a full-time job too and b) I don’t have an idea.

  9. spoonfork38 Avatar

    I did Nanowrimo a couple years ago, and might actually be close to sumitting the heavily edited results to an actual agent.

    I have a week to decide if I want to do it again this year–it was so much fun! And it really gets the writing juices going . . . but I have this nagging suspicion that if I add one more thing to my task list, my head will explode . . .

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