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Virtual Window Shopping: Zaftique

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Zaftique carries a lot of sexy clothes.  V-neck asymetrical top with an impressionist-style pattern in blues and browns Curves are emphasized; stretch (and lace and chiffon and velvet) is often utilized.   Not everything’s tight, mind, but a lot of it is.  There’s also a  sense of fun in a lot of the clothes – such as the floral leggings :)

Zaftique carries sizes equivalent to size 12-38. Their models range from inbetweenie to pretty large, even in the active wear section. They also often includes alternate views  (such as these views of the tunic at right, for example).

I was tempted to get this brown top, but I already have it in a variated blue.  (The brown is currently on sale — have to select the size to see the sale price, though…)

Brown v-neck top with lace trim on neckline, arms, and bottom.

The only drawback to my current lace-trimmed top is the V-neck.  We are talking a deep, deep V.  I’m careful which bra I wear with it — and even then, it’s a party top, not a work top.

I also bought their “celestial diva” dress for a sci-fi themed wedding.  Its drawback was the sheer panels above the bust dictated a strapless bra.  I’d gotten a convertible bra with clear plastic straps, but the straps were still visible through the sheer panels.  It was great for the wedding, though, and I sold it on eBay shortly after ;)

I admit the website design does get to me sometimes —  if a top comes in 6 colors they show 6 separate items, which can make a lot to go through — but sometimes this means I can see a garment on multiple body types, which is useful.

11 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping: Zaftique”

  1. I haven’t ordered from them as yet, and I’m a bit annoyed by how expensive their stuff is considering most of it is unnatural fibres. But I also grok that the stretchy stuff does allow for more sexiness and an easier fit over lots of bodies.

    And I have been coveting this pleather coat for a long while:

  2. I have the Guinevere dress, and used it for a friend’s wedding. As I live and breathe, I have never encountered such an accurate size chart in my life. I was at the upper end of the 4Z size and ordered it, and it fit so well that I almost didn’t need a bra.

    Their dresses, especially their formals, are wonderfully affordable, but their other items tend to leave a lot to be desired for me. I do love them for doing things that no one else is doing, though. None of their items look like something you see in 50 other stores.

    The only pain in the butt with them is that if it’s not in their warehouse when you order it, it could get stuck in Customs because it’s made overseas.

  3. My way of getting around the website is by searching for Dress-Black and seeing what that turns up. It doesn’t get all of the dresses, but it gets a fair number of them. I can look at the style without being distracted by the color, then search for the style name. Of course, a smart retailer would indeed file the different colors under one header, but I haven’t had a chance to tell them this as a customer ’cause I haven’t bought anything yet.

    I hear you on V-necked tops. I’ve taken to going a size down on knit tops so that the V is smaller and held more firmly above the no-no zone by my boobs. You must be smaller in the cups than I am, I can’t find a convertible bra over a DDD. I’d wear the stupid “crystal” straps out if I could find one, too many plus size clothing retailers have decided that I don’t get to hide my bra straps, ever again.

    1. The convertible is a DD, actually – rather like this one. Tight, but it helped things stay up!

  4. Apparently bra makers think women with racks of doom don’t ever want to wear strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses. But then they don’t make most dresses that are bra friendly, and it’s hard to find a fancy dress these days that actually has sleeves.

    I haven’t ordered from Zaftique yet and they are pretty pricey. There are a couple of things on the sale page I would really love to have, especially the brown Lucy dress and the lilac dress with the matching long sheath. Those are gorgeous!

  5. That is a great shirt. I love the lace.

  6. Celestial Diva! I love it! I barely have any sexy clothes. I need to get with it.

  7. Can you wear a tank or camisole top under your v-necks? I only wear a b-cup but I wear a tank under everything to work.

    1. I’ve been wearing tanks or tees under my sweaters, but it looks weird with this particular top because the tanks are all less wide in the shoulders than the lace top.

      1. Ohh, so you get the thing where it looks like you’re showing off your bra straps? I do get that sometimes, but I just figure since it’s NOT a bra, people can get over it. ;)

  8. I LOVE Zaftique. I probably have 20 of their shirts and a couple of their dresses. Purchased them all on sale (except one which I just had to have) and I am very impressed with the quality and fit.

    Sign up for their newsletter and you will alerted when their stuff goes on sale so the prices are a little better.

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