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Slim-Fast Drink Recall

If you have any canned Slim-Fast drinks hidden in the back of the cupboard, you might want to toss them out.

From Slim-Fast:

The products are packaged in paperboard cartons and contain four, six or 12 steel cans that are 11 FL OZ (325 mL) each. Individual cans are also sold in certain retail outlets. The recall involves all Slim-Fast® RTD products in cans, regardless of flavor, Best-By date, lot code or UPC number.

The recall is due to a bacterial contamination that could cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

I tried Slim-Fast powder in my teens.  Lost some weight, gained it back, not impressed with the “shakes.”  Mom wasn’t impressed with them either — she read the nutritional info on the back and stated, “I don’t see how that’s all that different from that Carnation Instant Breakfast stuff.”   Years later I found that same container in the kitchen.  I asked if I should throw it out, and she replied, “No, I don’t think it’d go bad, and it might be handy during a power outage.”  For all I know it’s still there.   Egad.

11 responses to “Slim-Fast Drink Recall”

  1. My roommate tried Slim Fast in college to lose weight, hated the taste, and gave the shakes to me. I drank one and promptly threw it up — making it only the second food in my life that my body violently rejected (the first was Strawberry Shortcake cereal). Thanks, body!

  2. When I was 12 or 13 or 14 my mom lost a bunch of weight using slimfast. I have a very clear memory of her bragging to our neighbors that her thighs no longer touched. Of course, several months later she had already started regaining what she’d lost. It was all downhill after that, though, because then she quit smoking.

    I tried Slimfast when I was a little older. I liked the version you mix with juice, but I didn’t much care for the one to mix with milk. I also found that the diet (2 shakes + a sensible dinner har har har) was difficult to stick to. Imagine that!

  3. “The recall is due to a bacterial contamination that could cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.”

    Customers would never notice the difference.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear about an Ensure recall at the same time, I think packaging plants do multiple products that need the same materials.

  4. ugh…I remember this stuff from my high school days when I was trying to get thin to fit in….it’s hilarious to read the ingredients because it’s the most evil chemical arsenal ever…can’t believe women buy this.

  5. Lol @ Godless Heathen. While I never experienced those reactions can you say GAS? Oh dear, the farting, especially in the office.

  6. As a kid, I wanted to use it, but my grandmother refused. She said she knew a woman who was on Slim-Fast and it ruined her gall bladder so she had to have it taken out. I don’t know if she only said that to scare me, but I never did try it until a few years ago. Boy was that stuff nasty!

  7. Huh. What’s the bet that when this bacteria first started affecting people, a lot of people got “That’s just cause you’re fat and your body isn’t used to NUTRITION” or some other shit.

  8. Oh, man. Memories.
    *is slightly ill*

    But thanks so much for the PSA. If I were having a craving for for mocha-flavored calcium thyioglocolate, or whatever the hell, this would certainly be a strong disincentive not to pursue it.

    (OT – loving the ‘snowy blog’. Nice touch. :-) )

  9. Despit their “contamination” problem, sllimfast is still good. You just have to find the right taste. Slim fast has not been the only company that has had contamination problkems, there have been many more and yet we continue to buy them….So is people want to get it let them and don’t hate.

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  11. Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Thank You

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