Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

Thankful Thursday

[a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude]

1) Able to slowly and gently dance around the living room this week :)

2) Life expectancy keeps going up.

3) Enjoyable walk today despite the sometimes-rain sometimes-drizzle.  (I picked a shopping area, so I could spend a lot of time inside or under eaves.)

4) How cleaning my bedroom and CPAP mask/hose can make me feel so much better when I wake up.  Yes, my allergies do include dust …

5) Long, warm hugs from the man of the house at the end of a stressful workday.  Or any other time, really :)

2 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. i personally am thankful for my better half… the craziness spinning that is ADD coupled with the regular housework, a sick kid and then the hubub of chirstmas i am finding it incredibly hard to slow down (gogo insomnia too….i just cant turn off) . He not only understands it, and lets me go till i am ready to stop (instead of getting mad and physically violnet like some of my exes) he knopws how to slow me down when the time is right. AND he repeated tells me that he loves me anyway.

  2. All excellent things to be thankful for!

    Hmmm…but…but…all our fatz is supposed to keep #2 from happening! Eat that, obesity alarmists!

    As for me, I’m thankful for a warm bed on cold nights, the smell of baking in the house, cat snuggles, Mr. Twistie snuggles, The Daily Show, and the fact that my friends still aren’t tired of my Grace Slick impression.

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