Monthly Roundup (Nov & Dec)

I’ve been posting less frequently these last two months, so I’m combining them :)

Most viewed posts:

  1. Oprah Mag printed the words “fat acceptance”
  2. ADA: Not all fat people get diabetes
  3. NYT on The Biggest Loser: “Health Can Take A Back Seat”
  4. A thought for the new week
  5. Checking in from the airport…

(Not counting the perennial favorites like Fat Women Have Sex Too! and the tabs across the top.)

Most commented on:

  1. NYT on The Biggest Loser: “Health Can Take A Back Seat”
  2. What would you put into a Fitness for Life class?
  3. Oprah Mag printed the words “fat acceptance”
  4. ADA: Not all fat people get diabetes
  5. Drink Coffee, Avoid Diabetes?

Some search terms that made me go “hm” (with links to the posts they go to):

And, since this is New Year’s Eve, here’s the total top-read for the year.  I’m even leaving in the ones I normally discount:

  1. Fat Women Have Sex Too!
  2. Why This Blog is Anonymous, or On Not Coming Out
  3. In context
  4. About Living 400lbs
  5. Life at ~400lbs
  6. Day in the Life: Shower, Chafing, & Jock Itch
  7. But…But…But…!
  8. Day in the life: Other nice ways to wake up
  9. Day in the Life
  10. Super Obesity!
  11. Day in the Life: Oh, THAT
  12. How Do You Comfort Sore Muscles?
  13. Today’s Logic Puzzle
  14. Myth: Fat Always = Overeating
  15. Most Fat People Don’t Get Diabetes?
  16. Who reads a 400lb lady’s blog, anyway?
  17. Fat Clothing Catalogs…
  18. DayintheLife: Oh yeah, I’m fat
  19. Questions about being 400lbs?
  20. Surgically attach mesh to tongue so eating is painful
  21. Day in the Life: Using A Ball As A Desk Chair
  22. Question: Have I considered gastric bypass?
  23. More: How Very Obese People Are Almost Completely Sedentary
  24. Not Just “Obese” Was Redefined…
  25. Calorie Restriction has Downsides?

It’s been a great year!  Thanks for reading!







2 responses to “Monthly Roundup (Nov & Dec)”

  1. lifetraveler Avatar

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for this great blog.

  2. Amy How Avatar
    Amy How

    Happy New Year!

    I so appreciate this blog and you willingness to share. I find myself coming here and rereading entries when I need to work things out in my mind. You are insightful and helpful. Thank you so much.

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