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Random Items from My Day

  1. Still here.  Still weigh the same as I did before the holidays.
    (That’s simply a fact, BTW, not a success or failure.  But it’s not what people expect, even though it’s incredibly average.)
  2. Excerpt from IM:
  3. Me: My dad called just as Good Eats started today.  It was an episode on Alton’s recent weight loss and how he switched from a “calorie-dense” diet to a “nutrient-dense” diet (which of course is not a diet).

    Me: …Dad and I had a nice chat.

    Friend: Hee.

  4. Today I was once again reminded that for all my bitching about having a sedentary job, I walk much more at work than at home because things are further apart.
  5. I liked this blog from Tara Parker-Pope: New Health Rule: Quit Worrying About Your Health.  It’s pretty much aimed at the “worried well” — those who are physically fine but worried that because they don’t eat blueberries enough or that they wake up after 7 hours of sleep instead of 8 they’re going to die — and discusses a book by Dr Susan Love which asserts “that perfect health is a myth and that most of us are living far more healthful lives than we realize.”   Nice idea, but I’m not sure we need more rules – other than the big ones, of course.

8 responses to “Random Items from My Day”

  1. i miss when you posted more.
    that’s not meant in a pressurizing way- just an appreciative way.

    i know that sometimes there’s more to say and more time to say it than others. i just look forward to when i see this in my google reader, and i thought you’d like to know :)

  2. I endorse “Quit Worrying” as a rule. If only it was easy to put into practice! My roommate is a serial worrier, not about food, but about everything else in her life.

    I weigh the same as I did before the holidays too, even after *gasp* eating home made baked goods!

  3. I have got to get a t-shirt that says “Eat or Die” on it.

    Or a tattoo . . .

  4. That sounds like a great idea for a t-shirt, says the woman who collects & lives in t-shirts. I also saw another great one which says, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” And there is a funny Garfield t-shirt which reminds us that “Diet is die with a T”.

    And I refuse to look at any show with Alton Brown on it. He is a self-hating, raving fat bigot, who hates fat people & wants to tell all the fat people who come to his book signings not to read books about food, but instead go out & jog for 14 hours a day.

    1. Yeah, I had to cut Alton loose when I found out about that bit. I was distraught for about 2 weeks because his show always came on when absolutely nothing else was on. Thank God for America’s Test Kitchen.

      I know I’m supposed to hate Anthony Bourdain, too, but I can’t….even if he does occasionally associate with Ted Nugent.

  5. #2 is disappointing because the attitude about food on Good Eats has usually been so healthy. Alton Brown uses a fabulous variety of “good” and “bad” foods, focusing on enjoyment and nutritional value rather than magical weight-reducing properties (until now, I guess). I did hear a while ago that he wrote a disrespectful rant about his fat fans, but I went looking for it and could not find it. Either it’s just an internet myth, or it was removed.

    I wouldn’t be particularly shocked to hear that a TV personality I really like has the same bad attitude about body fat as most other Americans; public figures are subject to the same pitfalls and prejudices as everybody else. I’m not going to punish myself for his asshattery by avoiding a TV show I enjoy or throwing out books I find useful. And if it’s true that Alton Brown is disgusted that people like me are interested in food and cooking? I’m going to delegate that problem to Alton Brown.

  6. #2 diappoints me, since Brown’s show is such a goofy, interesting look at food and food trivia. There are scads of episodes focusing on cakes and candies and ‘good’ foods both. This “No, its not a diet!” episode was a sad departure from his otherwise positive and laidback attitude, and it was weird to watch.

    #4 is food for thought.

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