Vacation photos!

Warning: vacation photos ahead.  :)

At the hotel

At the hotel

These gents live near the pool, hot tub, and laundry of the resort we stayed at in November.  The resort had a New Orleans theme, down to beignets and gumbo on the menu and loads of wrought iron.

Cash machine

A cash machine with an ... interesting bank name (Village Lock and Safe).

Part of what charmed me about this ATM was how it was decorated to NOT look like a typical ATM.  “Village Lock and Safe”?

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. - Marie Curie

A quote (one of many) with a scientific or search-for-knowledge bent.

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie

This quote, and others, are part of a plaza celebrating scientific progress. I was pleased to see Curie represented, and her quote made me think.  I think there are things that should be feared — and that fear can prevent understanding.  Then there’s how her lifespan was impacted by her work…

A M*A*S*H-style signpost.

A M*A*S*H-style signpost.

Anyone want to guess where we went?

8 thoughts on “Vacation photos!

  1. I wanna guess… did you go to Florida, near Orlando???

    I love the photo of the alligators – they look so joyous!

    Tell us more!!

  2. Port Orleans French Quarter! Ah, but I know it well. Of the two Port Orleans resorts, I do prefer Riverside but have stayed at FQ several times. Yay Disney! I’m jealous — I don’t get to go back until October or so.

  3. Disneyworld is my guess. The “Jazzy” looking “alligators” reminds me of their New Orleans section at DisneyWorld. I’ve never been, but my sister went last year and I saw lots of pictures.

    Hope it was fun!

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