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  • I don’t care about gas prices

    The more the news mentions gas prices, the more I realize I’m weird because I don’t. Why? I used to commute about 15 miles a day to the office. My minivan is modified with a ramp and space for my mobility scooter, but it’s also a plug-in hybrid. On a full charge I get 33… Continue reading

  • It came from the search terms

    In the tradition of Captain Awkward I’m going to treat the search terms people used to find the site as questions. im 400lbs is it too late for me to get healthy?  This is completely up to you and to how you view health. If you are sedentary, you can probably be more active, and ideally… Continue reading

  • It Came From The Search Terms

    Once again, a post inspired by search terms used to reach my site. how much does a woman who wears a 5x weigh This probably depends on the woman’s height, amount of muscle, and how many limbs have been replaced with cybernetics.  Really, some of those are heavy. what are the rules about having to… Continue reading

  • TSA Travels

    I don’t fly very often. This is likely why it I didn’t go through a full-body security scanner until Friday and, again, today.  I don’t have strong opinions about the type of scanning used, although I do consider much of the airport security approach to be security theater. So I did the scanner instead of… Continue reading

  • Weight Talk, Business Travel Edition

    I’ve been working with people in the UK and German offices of the company I work at since I started.  Now that I’m a manager, my boss mentioned that a trip to Germany for training may be in the works. …which would mean flying while 400lbs. In the interest of being diplomatic, I expressed interest… Continue reading

  • Convenient Seat Belt Extenders for Cars

    I’ve mentioned before that I have a seat belt extender for my car (provided by Toyota). In other cars I often use a shoulder/lap belt as a lap belt only, which is less safe, but the only way I can buckle the seat belt.   The friend I carpool with recently got a new car,… Continue reading

  • Disney chat

    I’ve had two emails since Friday about being fat at Walt Disney World.  I posted about a trip to WDW a few years ago, but if you want to share your experiences then go for it :-) Continue reading

  • Some Good Things

    Riot Nrrd explains why  judging other people’s health can be inaccurate. Despite turning my ankle a couple times Monday (and working too much and walking too little these past weeks) I didn’t have problems walking over a mile at the Sounders game Tuesday night :) My new CPAP mask arrived! Somehow I’d broken the widget that… Continue reading

  • Seat Belt Extenders: Not just for airplanes

    You know how you get used to your life and forget things other people take for granted? Yeah. Listening to Lesley & Marianne’s Fatcast I started thinking about how life is different for superfat folks than it is for those size 24 and below.  I shop in different catalogs, I have a seat belt extender… Continue reading

  • Flying While 400lbs

    I wasn’t going to write about Kevin Smith being bumped for fatness because I felt like I’d written enough already on airline stuff.  But I’ve been contributing to the Kevin Smith thread at Shapely Prose.  Then tonight I wrote up a huge long comment on my airline experiences at We Are The Real Deal and … it’s… Continue reading

  • Disney World

    As hinted yesterday, my November vacation was Disney World! For a week! Yes, it was fantastic.  We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, visited in-laws, did Mission: Space, Soarin’, ate Moroccan food, laughed at Ellen & Bill Nye, geeked out at Spaceship Earth, loved Big Thunder Mountain and Test Track, enjoyed lunch with an Imagineer, and… Continue reading

  • Vacation photos!

    Warning: vacation photos ahead.  :) These gents live near the pool, hot tub, and laundry of the resort we stayed at in November.  The resort had a New Orleans theme, down to beignets and gumbo on the menu and loads of wrought iron. Continue reading

  • Airflight Update

    As it happens, I could get the armrest down on a standard coach seat.  There was definitely hip compression going on, it wouldn’t be comfortable long-term…but it was down. However… The man of the house has broad shoulders.  I mean, I have broad shoulders, and his are broader, and the two of us sitting together… Continue reading

  • Checking in from the airport…

    …to say what the F is with airline personnel looking at me like I’ve sprouted an extra head for having purchased a second seat?  If I’m not obviously fat enough for the seats maybe it’s not that I’m so fat but that the seats are so small! Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Buying Plane Tickets

    Vacation planning can include flying, and this year we’re flying about 6 hours each way.   Coach seats tend to be 17″ across.  First class can be up to 23″ wide, but  I have 68″ hips.  Now, I am an apple, so a lot of that 68″ is depth not width.  Still, even first class… Continue reading

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