Quote of the Day: Fat Acceptance Made Exercise Easier

One of the things I like exploding people’s heads with is the fact that embracing FA made it *easier* for me to exercise. Before, exercise was always this horrible, dreary thing I “had” to do so that I’d be “thin,” and if I didn’t get “thin” I was failing, which made me not want to exercise. Once I accepted fat as okay, exercise became a lot more enjoyable, because it’s something I do to feel better and find enjoyment in movement and how my body works, rather than an obligation I dread. I can enjoy exercise on its own terms now, and that makes me more likely to do it.

Icprncs, in response to this fab rant on FA



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6 responses to “Quote of the Day: Fat Acceptance Made Exercise Easier”

  1. spoonfork38 Avatar

    Yes. This.

    And polimicks’ rant, too!

  2. erylin Avatar

    yes me too…..before exersize was a chore…now yoga, even if part of me is shaking like mad and i have sweat in my eyes, im stretching, opening u…reconecting…its fab….an i really weanna try zumba or something like that.

  3. MaryLeigh Avatar

    so yeah this is off topic but this article rules..


    hell yeah, saved by her love handles. lovesit! :)

  4. Rachel Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more. I work out because it makes me feel good, not out of some so-called obligation to lose weight.

  5. GeekGirlsRule Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out! I’ve loved your site for ages, and am also in the Seattle area.

    Geekgirlsrule aka Polimicks

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