Virtual Window Shopping: Big On Batik

Big On Batik Sweetheart Top

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Big On Batik has lots of yummy things on sale, including their sweetheart top,  scoop tee, and handkerchief top — not to mention dresses and Hawaiian-style shirts.

Big On Batik has been an internet store catering to fats since its inception.

They do make some appearances at events, such as the Vegas BBW Bash I attended a few years ago.

I most frequently wear a pink with purple butterflies sweetheart top of theirs.  It makes my coworkers smile on the grayest days.  I also have a matching purple knit skirt with pockets, which I most often wear on weekends.  My floral sundress with black bolero jacket is fine for the office in summer — and great for a party, too.

Big On Batik carries women’s 1x (18/20) – 6x (38/40), and some items in their extended (7X+) sizing.  They also offer men’s shirts in XL (53″ chest) – 6X (70″).

3 thoughts on “Virtual Window Shopping: Big On Batik

    • Yes and no. I was lucky that I first tried their stuff at the Bash because I could try things on. I tried the sweetheart top in 5X/6X and it was a tent. Then, with gentle pushing from the saleswoman, I tried on a 3X/4X and it fit well – shows off my bust without disguising that I have a waist and hips.

      Mind, I’d been thinking I was really too big for 3X for years.

      The sundress comes in 2 sizes, XL and 2XL. I assumed I’d want 2XL, no, XL was fine. Looking at the website I see the XL sundress is supposed to fit a 45-60″ bust, and the 2XL sundress fits 52-70″. My bust is about 58″, so it’s partly do I want more fitted or less fitted. (The smocking on the XL sundress hugs my boobs and makes it look like I have more of a waist than I really do, btw.)

      So I would say it’s rather like most mail order — be prepared to send back a few things while you’re figuring out the sizing. It may also help to call during office hours and explain your particular shape and wants.

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