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Sale at Making it Big

Making It Big has over 100 items on sale, with free shipping on your entire order if you purchase a sale item.  Sale ends at Sunday night at 11:59 (Pacific time).

5 responses to “Sale at Making it Big”

  1. Hmm, not much of a “clearance” sale when an item regular price $75 is now $65. I do like how they have larger sizes though.

    1. Heh. Note I called it a “sale” not “clearance” ;) I agree their prices are higher than many other companies. Partly that’s because much of their clothing is made in the US. (I also realize that not everyone can afford it.) Of course, a lot of the sale clothing is only available in a few sizes, too, which implies it’s popular.

      I am rather tempted by this skirt with pockets for $10, and am resisting only because I don’t wear skirts very often despite having 6 of them. (Six! Blue linen, gray crinkle cotton, blue denim, black silk, black floral print, lavender knit. All with pockets. Do you hear me, brain? You don’t need more!)

      Re: sizing, yeah, their sizing is specialized but goes from 22/24 (2X) to 46/48 (8x).

  2. I just placed my first order ever, partly because I thought their styles are too ‘fat lady’ for my taste, partly because of the cost, partly because I have always been too small for their smallest size. However, I have a little bit of extra money & aging & menopause & a rebound from my last period of compulsive exercise have moved me into their smallest size, so I ordered the exfoliating scrub @ $5.95 in order to get free shipping on a pair of their summer jeans, which look as if they should be comfortable, but not as baggy as the other styles. I guess I shall have to see how I like their clothing. I wish the plus size companies would offer an unconditional, 100% lifetime guarantee the way LLBean does, but I expect that they are not big enough to be able to afford to do that. I love doing business with LLBean, but I hate their selection of plus size clothing, plus the fact that about 90% of the time, an item I really like is unavailable in my size.

    For these prices, I am expecting that the quality is top-rate.

    1. ….this is why I ended up wearing a lot of Casual Male sweats after the local stores that had carried supersizes closed (Queen Size Boutique & Kathleen’s). It’s hard to get a good fit by catalog, it’s expensive to have to send back the stuff that doesn’t fit, and it’s a major pain to have to deal with ANYWAY.

      If a local store had HAD pants that fit me 10 years ago I wouldn’t have gone through the shipping back-and-forth trial-by-error to find out which style/size of Making It Big pants fit ME well. I do have a couple local options again now. Now I have a choice, and I wear Making It Big’s pants most of the time because I LIKE them, even though they’re expensive.

      A big part of why I highlight stores that specialize in supersize clothing is that once you’re above size 24, you may feel you’re stuck with OneStopPlus — which sucks if you need a larger size than OneStopPlus carries!

      1. I agree with Elle. I have been shopping around stores like Myles Ahead, WW, etc and especially find clearance is not really clearance. Being from Canada, I prefer buying clothes to help local business. But it can be costly. There’s a store for super size clothing called Imogene’s. My daughter has worked there. It is relatively less expensive.

        If you are looking for plain tops or pants in sizes bigger than 24, it may be good. I know the options go up to 8X, but you can email them for bigger sizes too. I like Making it Big as well, but size issues there.

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