Some May Be Thinner Than They Think!

As if being naturally thin wasn’t bad enough, here comes this panic from Healthy Weight Today:

Everyone’s aware of the dangers of being too thin, including increased risk of early death.   But now concern is rising that some people who may be technically fat may not have enough body fat to actually be healthy.  Weight researcher Ima Kidder states, “Some folks who are in the healthy weight range with BMIs above 25 actually have very low levels of bodyfat, such as 10% or below.  Often these are men who have taken up weight lifting to gain weight.  Unfortunately, there is concern that without a protective layer of body fat, their health might be in danger.”

“While exercising and being active can improve health for skinny people as well as fat ones, everyone knows it’s healthier to be fat.”

Kidder notes, “Remember, anyone can gain weight.  A healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner are all you really need.”

Of course weight gain doesn’t always happen on demand.    It’s a pity people can’t just accept their natural weight and get on with their lives.

Today I thought it would be interesting to skew the weight filter a bit. I have intermittent internet access at the moment, so I may not reply to comments right away.






5 responses to “Some May Be Thinner Than They Think!”

  1. Mikuto Avatar

    Very cute! I have to admit for a minute though, I thought it was real! I mean, there’s so much conflicting information out there about weight anyway!

  2. Twistie Avatar

    I was April fooled right up to the point where I read the name of the doctor: Ima Kidder.

    Good job!

    And Mikuto has it right about all the conflicting advice out there!

  3. Katie Avatar

    Hah! First April Fool’s Day joke that actually got me at first… but I realized the joke when I got to the line that starts “While exercising…”

    good one ;)

  4. Rachel Avatar

    I was fooled all the way until the last comment.

    it COULD be true, yanno.

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