Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves

The phrase “wicked girls saving ourselves” was used in a pendant by Mia, who creates pendants as Chimera Fancies (among other things).   Seanan McGuire, who is a bit of a polymath, turned this phrase into a song. Lyrics are here.

Below she sings it at DucKon with help from Vixy & Tony, SJ Tucker, and Amy McNally.

My initial reaction to this song was one of sadness and grief, because it’s very much about how Dorothy, Alice, Wendy, Jane, Lucy, Susan, and others ended up “back on the shelf” — they had their little adventures, yes, but then they went back home to be quiet and good (like good girls should). But it’s encouraging of those who choose to make their own path and be so wicked as to skip waiting for a knight and save themselves ;)

FYI: Seanan has stated that she’s planning to record this for her next CD, but there’s no release date set (partly because music is one of her hobbies, and her day job and writing (two! series! being published now!) take most of her time).

3 thoughts on “Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves

  1. There are no words to describe how much I love this song. The first time she posted an mp3 of it to her LJ I swear to god I listened to it for a week straight making *________* faces.

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