Things I don’t want to share…

…I don’t want them to need sharing.  I don’t want them to be real. But they are.

Item: Man justifies murdering his wife, Maheshwari, because she was fat. Sadly, “bride-burning” — murdering a new wife because the dowry’s too small — is an all-too-common form of domestic violence in India.

Item: Pheobe Prince killed herself because of bullies.  Seanan McGuire speaks of her experience; so does Adrienne Jones.

Item: Lawsuit charges elderly gay partners Clay Greene and Harold Scull had their power of attorney ignored, were forced apart and their belongings seized by the county.  Harold Scull died without his partner of over 20 years; Clay Greene lost his partner and his home.

These things are wrong, very wrong, but they exist.  Listening can help. Speaking out can help.  Remembering Maheshwari, Pheobe, and Harold can help.

If you are wondering what else can be done:

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