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Monday…trying to wake up

I’ve mentioned I live in the Seattle area.  Not sure if I mentioned that I grew up here, or that my earliest memories of a woman singing rock (not pop, rock) or playing guitar was Heart. It was another way of learning that women can be the star and not just the star’s girlfriend.

This is from 76, with a cool intro by Nancy:

This is from a “Women in Rock” special in 2000:

What was often not known in the 70s, but that Anne has discussed since, was that she would fast to stay thin. By the 80s she had gained weight, to the extreme upset of her record label and some of the band. She eventually had lap-band surgery in 2002.

2 responses to “Monday…trying to wake up”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I just spent an hour on youtube, enjoying the hell out of the Heart collection, especially their Zeppelin covers. These women ROCK. I feel so much better now (and hadn’t even realized I needed some cheering).

    I hate that Ann’s size (and the size of other women musicians, I can only think of Debora Iyall from Romeo Void at the moment) interfered with the music, and the respect they should’ve gotten.

  2. Fascinating, I was never a fan of them in their AOR period in the 80’s, but I enjoyed this. Her voice in the second video is so much richer.

    And thank’s to Cindy for introducing me to Ms Iyall, she’s fantastic and I love her voice.

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