Mother’s Day

As the Mother’s Day ads have passed, I am relieved to say that it wasn’t a hassle.  If anything, I alternated between vague feeling of “It’s not my problem” and “I don’t have to do anything”.

If you don’t already know: I am not a mother; my mother is dead; my grandmothers are dead.  I did not have to do anything for this holiday, and in fact I did not.   Nor did I feel renewed grief or regret over my mother’s or grandmother’s deaths.  If anything, it was nice to sit this holiday out.

This is not meant as a slam on those who happily celebrate Mother’s Day, or a reminder that “If you don’t appreciate your mother now you’ll regret it when she’s gone”, or other such crap.  I’m just glad to be a point where every single mention of Mother’s Day doesn’t always and immediately plunge me into reflections of my mom.







2 responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    Must be something in the air because I felt the same in regards to my own Mother…finally. I have kids, and I celebrated in a small way grilled steaks, baked potatoes, glass of wine and flower pots and hanging baskets from my kids…..this is totally me…understated, grounded, love.

    This year marked the 10th anniversary of my Mom’s passing, yet, like you, Mother’s Day DIDN’T send me into a reflective mood about my own mother…..finally. It was a relief, since I tend to live in the past, so to speak, about a lot of things. I had no sadness, I had no tears, I had no sorrow of mad missings for my Mother. It doesn’t make me a bad person, or change anything about who I am. It’s just how it was.

    Thanks for this post. It helped show me just how much I have moved on…in a good way. :)

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