May at Living ~400lbs

Happy (almost) June!

Here in Seattle it’s not so much “summer” as “late spring”.   Yes, some of the rosebushes are starting to bloom, but we haven’t had a day yet over 75F.   Lots of gray skies, and hey, I don’t have to worry about watering the plants since the sky is doing that just fine…

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  4. Today’s Logic Fail
  5. No, really?

Most-discussed posts from May:

  1. Today’s Logic Fail
  2. Jeans and big bellies
  3. Plus-size Shops: Thin Models, Strange Names
  4. No, really?
  5. Question: Friends?

A couple small changes this month:

  • The RSS feed is now the full post.
  • You can get an email subscription so you’re sent all the posts in email.

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One response to “May at Living ~400lbs”

  1. Erin S. Avatar
    Erin S.

    I’m jealous… send me your weather! In spite of the fact that our highs for this time of year are usually in the high 60’s, low 70’s range, we’ve been getting high 70’s, low 80’s mostly!

    Totally ruined my broccoli and cauliflower plants too! Total loss, the biggest broccoli head was 2″ across if that and the cauliflower… well the less said the better, but the biggest “head” was a quarter of an inch across lol.

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