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Lately I’ve become more fond of the newspaper comic strip BettyToday’s Springsteen reference didn’t hurt.

This is perfect! "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen!

Betty is smart, capable, and yes, a bit chunky.  Unlike, oh, Blondie, she doesn’t have an exaggerated shape.  Also unlike many women in comics, she works out, plays hockey, and is quite capable at work and around the house.

I also love that in the current storyline she’s dissatisfied with her workout because…she’s tired of her current workout music.   But then I walk on the treadmill while  listening to music and watching TV — and it has to be a show I like. I’ll walk outside without music to distract me, but not on a treadmill.

I also sometimes bribe myself with “go for a walk and you can eat lunch out”.

3 responses to “Betty”

  1. I need to have a distraction on a treadmill too. I need to have an Ipod on while I run, but when I’m outside I can focus on “Run to that power pole.” or whatever else.

    Cute comic! I don’t think we have that in Aus, but I’ll look out for it.

  2. Hee, the husband actually DOES have “Pump It Up” on a gym mix.

  3. I know! I totally have to have distraction while on the treadmill… I usually bring along a magazine, which not only distracts but hides the numbers so I can’t see the time move second by second. Also I make sure to go when a good tv show is on. My gym installed a dvd player too, so I can bring a dvd if nothing is on tv. It’s all about NOT thinking about the time as it elapses! Such a mind game.

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