Music Monday: Atlantis

I’m not a space geek per se, but even I noticed the space shuttle Atlantis made her last trip – which reminded me of Marian Call‘s song “Good Old Girl” (lyrics) from her album Got to Fly.







3 responses to “Music Monday: Atlantis”

  1. lowbudgetcyborg Avatar

    That song has got to be about Serenity (the ship). I love your Music Mondays.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Marian has said it’s about Serenity (the ship) and Enterprise (the ship) and Starbuck (BSG) and her old car that she’d drive from show to show to show… ;)

    2. living400lbs Avatar

      Oh – the album doesn’t have the bridge from the Firefly theme song ;) but I like how she does that in concert.

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