Music Monday: Still Catch the Tide

I first discovered Talis Kimberly’s song Still Catch the Tide (lyrics) on Seanan McGuire’s album Stars Fall Home.   The album version features harp, flute, violin, and guitar, and it’s one of my favorites for yoga. This video is of a live performance that’s a bit of a faster tempo…which is likely appropriate for a Monday morning. :)

From left to right: SJ Tucker playing drum; Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey; Seanan McGuire; Tony Fabris; Amy McNally (fiddler).

There is something about this song that I find incredibly calming.  I think that’s why I’ve been listening to it a lot lately ;)

Trivia: Seanan also drew two comics about this song, Logic Problem and The Selkie’s Suitcase.

(Yes, Seanan McGuire is an artist.  And a singer/songwriter. And the author of the Toby Daye books.  Oh, and her book Feed was recently published under her open pseudonym Mira Grant.  Seanan is bit of a polymath. I suspect she doesn’t sleep much.)

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