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Fluff: Oprah Magazine cover

Does anything about this cover photo seem strange to you?

Oprah in hammock
Oprah in hammock

My first impression was that Oprah’s middle was removed, leaving just her bust, arms, and legs.  What do you think?

18 responses to “Fluff: Oprah Magazine cover”

  1. Andrea Fuehrer Avatar
    Andrea Fuehrer

    She looks 20 years younger and about 50 pounds smaller than the last time I saw her on tv, about 2 weeks ago. It’s ironic that such a doctored photo is the background for the caption “Your Relationship with Food”. How about your relationship to the truth, Oprah?

    1. Maybe they outsource the photoshopping to someone who’s never seen her? :)

  2. her mag photo work has been totally off for a few issues now. like sooo overboard. but yeah i totally think they took out her mid section lol

  3. There is something kind of weird about it. Similar to the weirdness that you get in comic books when the artist sacrifices all realism to make the super-heroines “hawt”.

  4. That one looks weird too. There’s one at work, in the bathroom, where I swear she looks like muppet oprah. She’s so photoshopped she looks like an anime character of herself.

  5. Wow, I second Andrea… How can Oprah be so dishonest? or should I say delusional?

    1. I doubt Oprah photoshops the mag herself.

      1. Yeah, you’re right because she doesn’t know HOW to utilize photoshop! Obviously, someone does it for her.

  6. it looks like she is folded up in the hammock, so that is why you can’t see her stomach, and the sag of the hammock has been photshopped a lot smaller so you can’t see how her body is arranged?

  7. I think her body proportion is accurate of what someone would look like in a hammock. She is known for losing, gaining, losing, gaining, and so on for years and years. I think it looks like the usual cover for her mag.

    1. But….that’s not what she looks like right now. She is WAY bigger than that.

  8. It almost looks to me like they’ve ‘shopped JUST her face onto another person’s heavily ‘shopped body. Weird.

  9. I need my own personal photoshopper – then I can post my fabulousness on facebook!!!! I haven’t watched Oprah in a LONG time…kind of sick of her. But, I saw her on TV recently and she is WAY bigger than they portray her on the magazine covers. It’s really ridiculous for her to preach about accepting yourself, etc., etc., and then letting them change her image the way they do. What is wrong with being fat AND fabulous? She could be a wonderful expample fo the fat community, but she just doesn’t want to be one of us.

  10. The angle between the line of the top of her thigh and the sag of the hammock just doesn’t seem right. And her neck is way too thin and straight. Sitting in a hammock like that should bring her head forward, and show some chin and neck rolls.

    Poor Oprah. I think her self image and relationship with her body is so screwed up that it may never be fixed.

    1. Then again, she’s a handy example to bring up in arguments about whether fat people can lose weight and become thin permanently. If we could, don’t you think that Oprah, with all her resources and money and time and effort would have done it? If Oprah can’t do it with all that help, how do you think any of us can do it? HUH?

      1. I agree absolutely! Oprah’s experience of weight loss and regaining perfectly illustrates that, even in the most favorable conditions possible and with all the odds in your favor, diets still fail. Period.

  11. That’s some bad, bad photoshop work there. Aye caramba!

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