10 thoughts on “Diet Drug Side Effects

  1. I think my favourite is the heart damage! I mean, isn’t the whole
    “point” of losing weight to *prevent* those “lifestyle” diseases like heart disease? I bet this isn’t taken into account in reports of death due to heart disease in fat people.

    Also, recent news that a certain diabetes drug may have severe cardiac risks (can’t remember the name, it was in the NY times) – wonder how many people with type 2 diabetes have suffered heart damage because of this drug and had it blamed on the diabetes and not the drug!?

  2. Ages ago I tried drinking “China Slim Tea” which is an all herbal tea that you can get in many import stores, and which doesn’t exactly have “anal leakage and spotting” but does make you have to bolt to the bathroom about thirty times a day to with small bursts of diarrhea. I did lose weight, however, my ass was also so chapped it bled, and I was terrified of picking up something heavy, lest the exertion cause an accident.

    Thank the Gods for HAES and Body Acceptance that I no longer think being in danger of constantly crapping my pants and a bleeding anus are acceptable costs to pay for the cult of thin.

  3. ‘Anal leakage’ rules for the most abject delusion of euphemism.

    Like calling being sacked (fired) a career opportunity.

  4. I wanted to vote more than one, but had to go with suicidal thoughts. I mean, as a fat person, I had plenty of those without the diet drugs in my old dieting days. To add more to the pool with a drug… well, that’s the ultimate way to lose weight isn’t it? Die!

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  6. My mom was prescribed Alli on the NHS…She lost a lot of weight and then developed severe problems in her joints due to B12 deficiency. She’s recently been in for some tests and now it looks like she’s got liver issues! Am so angry about this, ever since I was a small child all I can remember is her dieting and doing exercise videos and hating herself. And it’s only made her fatter each time.

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