July Month-End

Top 5 most-read posts:

  1. Wonder if Michelle Obama reads the New York Times
  2. Fluff: Oprah Magazine cover
  3. New Diet Drug: Qnexa
  4. On not buying clothes
  5. Diet Drug Side Effects

Most commented-on posts:

  1. Wonder if Michelle Obama reads the New York Times
  2. Magickal Weight-Loss Necklace
  3. New Diet Drug: Qnexa
  4. Fluff: Oprah Magazine cover
  5. On not buying clothes
  6. Seattle Summer

Some search terms that made me roll my eyes:

  1. mesh on tongue
  2. tongue mesh (this isn’t over yet?)

Some search terms that made me smile:

  1. living 400lbs  (people are googling me specifically!)
  2. bbw yoga photo
  3. blogs on fat acceptance
  4. lingerie for women who weigh 400 pounds
  5. exercise for fat chicks

I als0 see search terms like “day in the life of morbidly obese”, which is both a good and a bad.  I mean, yes, I have the “Day in the Life” series about my day, so obviously I think it’s valuable.  But someone can be morbidly obese and weigh half of what I do.  Why is that something people are googling over?






3 responses to “July Month-End”

  1. Erin S. Avatar
    Erin S.

    I think they’re searching that phrase for the same reason people watch garbage like The Biggest Loser etc — they aren’t hoping to be inspired or to learn anything, they’re hoping to reinforce their stereotyped assumptions about fat people while at the same time getting a good laugh at the fatty thinking it’s a person.

  2. J Avatar

    I wonder the same thing about “Obese and Pregnant” show on TLC. Like.. why is this a show?

  3. RMJ Avatar

    It’s SO exciting when your blog’s name starts getting googled :)

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