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Music Monday: Witchka

Witchka, like Cheshire Kitten, is from SJ (“S00j”) Tucker‘s new album Mischief.   SJ has described the song as being about a young wiccan goth girl coming of age and breaking hearts as she goes. It’s also written from an admirer’s point of view.

From her little pointy boots to her pouty lip
You can see that she’s thinking herself the shit
Who am I to teach her to watch and wait?
A witch decides a witch’s fate
She’s gonna learn the hard way and that’s all right
She says she likes it hard some nights
But keep a close eye on her witchy ways
She’ll surprise us all some day …

I like the image of a confident young woman who’s exploring her own path.  I also like the reminder that some learn best by experience, and that’s okay.

The song also reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends and why I found her so captivating. Not that I’d want to return to the relationship — there were reasons why it ended — but more remembering why I fell for her in the first place.  What came later made it a bit bittersweet, but that’s okay.

It’s also a nice stompy song for a Monday :)  SJ wrote more on the genesis of this song on her LJ.

2 responses to “Music Monday: Witchka”

  1. The story about the little four year old girl calling Malficient ‘witchka’ is adorable ^_^

    (Also, I was already listening to this song when this popped up in google reader. Weird.)

    1. Yes. I wonder if the animators who tried to make Maleficent so scary were rolling in their graves ;)

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