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As if the Biggest Loser wasn’t bad enough…

Now VH1 is doing a version where you not only have to take off work during filming (if your employer allows it) and follow questionable weight-loss procedures but you also have to pay to $10,000 participate!

Most people who have trouble losing weight suffer from a lack of motivation. Now twelve overweight teams enter a weight loss competition like no other. Their motivation is money, their OWN money. Each team must pay an entrance fee of $10,000! If they lose they leave with nothing, but if they win by losing the greatest combined percentage of weight loss, they will walk away with $100,000!

Of course, it may be the $10,000 comes out of each participant’s stipend, but, y’know, suppose it doesn’t.

What else could you do for $10,000?

For $10,000 (plus whatever it costs to take off work) why not just follow a favorite band on tour?   If you can find a room with gym access, you can lift weights in the morning, sightsee (aka walk) each afternoon, dance (aka exercise) during the show, and actually HAVE FUN.

Or you could spend a couple weeks touring Europe or New York or DC or Boston, walking through museums and galleries and shops.   Or a week or two at Disney, or Hawaii.  Lots of walking, and you can probably fit in some weight-lifting.

Or you could put the money into a nice safe money market fund for the next time your dryer or fridge or car dies.

Of course, I don’t know if you’d lose weight doing these other activities.  If you increase your activity level you might get into better shape.   Oh, and you’ll HAVE FUN with the other vacations, and get some piece of mind if you save the money.   And you don’t have producers editing the footage to make a better story.

What would you do if you had $10,000 in savings?

20 responses to “As if the Biggest Loser wasn’t bad enough…”

  1. My god that’s horrible. Who thinks up this shit!?

    If I had 10k I’d take my family on a cross-country trip to see the whales in British Columbia and take a MONTH to do it.

  2. I’ve seen commercials for the show, but I didn’t realize they had to pay for the pleasure, that’s just sick.

    1. That’s the hook they’ve got on the website. I don’t know if this reality show pays stipends to participants (reportedly those are more common in the shows where there aren’t prizes, like MTV’s Real World).

  3. Pay some bills, get my front tooth capped, and go to England and Ireland for vacation.

  4. I’d buy a car. spend two days in Boston, and put the rest in savings. I need to get off the rolls, man.:)

    Weight loss is SUCH a waste of money and an even bigger waste of life.

    1. Amazing how much cars are either incredibly useful (suburbia) or a pain (city).

  5. Responsible things I could do with 10k — pay off the rest of the car, bank like 6k to make our mortgage payments for a few more months in case jobs continue to elude us, buy a new fridge since ours is starting to die.

    Not responsible things… put the kitties in a nice boarding kennel for a little while and take some time to go see things in other parts of the country, like zoos and national parks and hit some of the big museums and the like. Which wouldn’t result in weight loss since we’d basically be doing the same things we do now, except it wouldn’t be the same two zoos, one museum, one aquarium, and four state parks all the time LOL.

    1. The responsible things sound better to me.

      I guess I really AM over 40…

  6. I would much rather put a dent in my student loan payments!

    1. Also a good choice! Think of all the interest you’d save!

  7. I’d be able to do the least-traumatic version of as much time in the UK as possible without annoying their immigration by being there more than six months out of every twelve – every other month, there and back, or a year. Or two month intervals for the whole two years until I can move over properly. Or I could buy a laptop that doesn’t suck and have a horribly loud and dying fan and still be able to cover lots of transatlantic airfare. Or I could get an apartment for the time I’m in the US and stop dying of stress living with my parents.

  8. Ten thousand dollars?

    Okay, first, I’m buying plane tickets for my friends who are trying frantically to raise the cash to go to their son’s wedding. That’s a thousand bucks right there.

    Another couple grand will buy my husband the awesome computer he’s been wanting, plus getting him StarCraft I and II and Civ 5 for me when it comes out.

    Another 3 or 4 grand to home improvement type stuff. Finish the deck, build a nice shed, get a pantry for the kitchen, build a new closet, maybe put in hardwood floors.

    And with the rest, vacation in Europe, baby! England and France, probably Italy as well. I know I can’t go *everywhere* on four grand, so probably start with England. I want to see the Globe and Stonehenge. And castles. Really, it’s all about the castles.

  9. I suppose I should pay some bills. But I think I’d rather treat my self to a luxurious stay in New York City and then off to Hawaii! And I’d take a friend to two with me.

  10. 10,000 dollars? Firstly I’d get the molar implant I’ve been putting off for two years now, then I’d use the rest to pay my rent while I went to school.

    It’s damn near impossible to get a job out here without at LEAST an AA and I’m already planning on going to school while hoping unemployment doesn’t cut me off for it.

  11. Oh, of COURSE! *Clever TeeVee Execs look at numbers, see TBL’s Nielsen share, and wonder ‘How can we dupe this without getting copyright-slammed?’*

    The only ethical consideration that enters their twisted little minds are that of not getting called out for stealing from their own, lowly, kind. So the possibility of ruining peoples health, wellness, or injuring / getting someone KILLED? Doesn’t even get close to peeking over the horizon of their awareness. I’m not even sure it would matter if it was standing right next to them taking Grand-Slam swings with a Clue-by-four.

    What’s funny (in a masochistic kind of way) is the first question that popped into my head on reading this was, ‘What is this, some kind of weird study on the efficacy of negative stimulus over reward stimulus in some kind of mad, Fat People on TeeVee experiment?’ Then my Conspiracy Brain kicked in and wondered if the Gov wasn’t doing covert Fat Tax vs. Health Incentive dry runs.

    I know, I’m weird. But trying to figure rational explanations for the motives behind Fat-Hate. . . Well. what DOES the color blue sound like? Gotta keep myself amused somehow.

  12. If I had $10,000 I’d go to Naples and try their pizza, and then I’d go to Florence. And then I’d travel all over the place, for God’s sake. And finish furnishing my friggin’ apartment, for that matter.

  13. If you’ve got $10k free, you could go to the World Series of Poker, where your chances of winning are actually based in some version of reality. And you might get the chance to snark at one of the really mouthy guys who is always in the top bracket.

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