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When normal isn’t normal

Yesterday Wendy published a 2-line poem titled “when normal isn’t normal”.

i suffer from mental health

is there something wrong with me

You may or may not identify with this.   Yes, being fat can influence this.  There have been studies trying to determine if obesity is a mental illness (it’s not).   Being fat in a fat-phobic society is stressful.  Fat people have higher rates of depression (and I note the Health At Every Size study found HAES participants had less depression and improved self-esteem — hopefully fat acceptance can have a similar effect.)


We are told that stress is a big deal, that we should reduce it, we’re alienated, that we’re all going crazy.   I could understand that as a basis for feeling that “mental health” is abnormal.

I’ve also experienced times when feeling “normal” wasn’t anywhere near normal.  My mother’s death was one example.   I don’t wish those times on anyone.

I don’t know what led Wendy to write those lines, but it definitely gave me food for thought.

4 responses to “When normal isn’t normal”

  1. I wouldn’t wory about being “Normal” by societies standards, but would be worried if the way you are feeling is not normal for YOU! When my father passed things became not normal for a long time, and then I adopted a new normal.

  2. I’m sure you know this, but more studies are out there suggesting you can be healthy and fit AND overweight/obese. Being “fat” is not a health hazard…although our popular research suggests otherwise. Overweight is not a mental illness or a personality flaw or from laziness or ignorance.

    I think if everyone was “normal” we would live in a very boring world. Death, loss of identity, loss of job, anything relating to change is always going to feel “not normal” – However, I truly believe that those people that go through more change and more life trauma than others are truly blessed. They are the ones with more inner strength and character than those without those events.

    I appreciated reading your blog and hope you don’t mind my lengthy comment.

  3. It occurs to me that, except in math, normal is a complicated concept.

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