Meds: There’s a Reason I Take Them

It’s amazing how my morning can go from “bleah” and “moving sucks” to “this feels right pleasant” and “let’s get stuff done” just by taking my meds.

The asthma meds in particular make carrying laundry up/down the stairs and changing sheets much easier, but the vitamin B12 and D also does a lot for my general energy levels.

(This message is brought to you by Saturday “taking longer to get moving than usual” and “Argh I dislike having to take pills”.)



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4 responses to “Meds: There’s a Reason I Take Them”

  1. Phyllis Jeans Avatar
    Phyllis Jeans

    I take a literal handful of pills every night plus some drring the day. It’s wonderful what a little capsule called Cymbalta can do for me. I don’t get suicidal anymore, don’t want to kill the husband anymore, and can actually face the day. To me, this is the most important pill I take. God bless Cymbalta!

  2. Kate Avatar

    I used to be someone who never took anything, now my medicine cabinet looks like a pharmacy. :(

    God bless those meds though, I don’t think I could function at all without Humira and sulfasalzine. I also take vitamin D and I’m on a vitamin B complex. (A side note about vitamin B, my doc said I was low on B12 and my mom just happened to have some sublingual vitamin B complex, so I took that and after only a few days some pretty significant leg pain that I’d been having for some time disappeared. When I ran out of the sublingual drops, I got straight B12 pills and the pain came back.)

    Unlike Phyllis I did terrible on Cymbalta, it made all my depressive symptoms worse, which I guess goes to show you that if one anti-depressant isn’t getting the job done, keep on trying until you find the right one.

  3. Piffle Avatar

    Yep. Our whole family needs meds. I take an antidepressant, fish oil, and vitamin D (which does wonderful things for those aches in my fingers and toes). Husband takes boatloads for his various problems, including migraine, GERD, chronic pain, and also depression. All the kids are ADHD and the stimulants they’re on make their lives so much easier. My oldest (11 at the time), had to go off all his meds at one point last year, and was a complete mess. He’s got depression and migraines in addition to his ADHD. Made me truely realize how much good they’re doing for him, so many people think you’re a bad parent if you medicate your child; but he was so glad when he was allowed back on them.

    I may like reading the romance novels where women go back in time and find their true love; but boy, never ever send me there. No meds, no feminism, gah. Horrible. Plus, as an atheist, I’d probably be burned or tortured.

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