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Fat Acceptance Quotes

“I support the radically simple idea that people should not be discriminated against, made fun of, restricted, or oppressed because of the size and shape of their bodies. Moreover, I believe that everyone has a right to dignity, respect, and self-love, and that jokes that denigrate fat people are just as offensive as those that denigrate women or ethnic groups.”

Marty Hale-Evans

Throughout my dieting years, I lost and regained dozens of pounds every few months, and my emotional well-being and disposition hinged on a number on a scale.

And, in the end, I concluded that it’s better to be fat and happy than thin and miserable.

Steven A Shaw

Fat acceptance, as you can probably guess from the words “fat” and “acceptance” being right together like that, does not go over so well in some circles.

Kate Harding

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  1. I found a new friend about two years ago who continually was using terms like fat and fatty, roly poly, etc. It made me angry and I tried to show him in ever nice way I could think of that it just wasn’t a nice thing to do, that it hurt feelings, even mine as his best friend. I finally did get through to him after a year and a half and he no longer uses those terms, in front of me at least, and sems to have a better attitude towards all people who may be a little different. Amen. It was worth the effort. Sometimes you nearly have to use a 2×4 to get a point made but it is worth it. Maybe we can teach people , if just one at a time, to be considerate and kindd.

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