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Why I like Aravon sandals

I love having sandals I can get on the treadmill with and not walk out of! Specifically they’re Aravon 3 Strap Sandals I got a few years ago.

Aravon Sandal
Aravon Sandal

Today I felt like going for a walk.  Not wanting to burn in the sunshine I decided I’d try the treadmill despite my sandals.  I only did .6 miles (going uphill for much of it), enough to get the ball of my right foot feeling a little bit hot, but I checked and it’s not a blister.  My previous walking in these hasn’t been as steady as the treadmill tends to induce, so I was concerned I’d have to quit long before I did.  I am pleased.  I’m not going to wear them daily, but on a warm day like today it’s nice to have comfortable sandals.  :)

Oh: and not only was I in sandals and a knee-length skirt on the treadmill, but I ended up explaining why I was singing about a pretty little dead girl in a coupe de ville while walking on the treadmill in my sandals and skirt.  (I was listening to the studio version and couldn’t resist the urge to sing along.  The song has also spawned a short story series in The Edge of Propinquity.)

6 responses to “Why I like Aravon sandals”

  1. Hey wow. When I broke down and bought some really GOOD walking sandals, I got some just like those!

    They’re wonderful and blissful and I love them. I wish I’d done it years ago.

    1. I’ve had mine for 3 years now and they’re amazing.

  2. Hey, I just bought a pair of those! In my case they were suggested because they allow me to wear my orthotics (removeable footbed). I really like them!

    1. Hm. Maybe I should point this out to the friend who wears orthotics.

  3. I desperately love the Rose Marshall stories. And her whole mythology, with the different songs and their varying levels of accuracy.

    Really, I just love Seanan McGuire. Because Vel is also <3.

    1. So far my favorite book of hers is Feed (published under her pseudonym Mira Grant). Really looking forward to the next album, too.

      (And: SQUEE! Somebody got the Seanan McGuire reference! :)

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