Music Monday: Goddess

I don’t know if it’s odd that I associate this song with going to work.  Songwriter SJ Tucker has noted that it was inspired by the beauties she’d seen working in coffee shops in Austin, TX. When playing a coffeehouse (as she is in this video) she often dedicates it to the people working at the coffeehouse, so that’s probably why I associate this song with work.







2 responses to “Music Monday: Goddess”

  1. Ashley Pariseau Avatar

    That is a great song!

  2. Phyllis Jeans Avatar
    Phyllis Jeans

    I worked as an LPN in a nursing home and it had been a beautiful experience UNTIL we got a new director of nursing and assistant director of nursing. Things went sour and the song I thought of every day when I had to go to work was “Take This Job and Shove It!” I did quit not long after these two people started work there and when I hear that song, I think of how very glad I am that I did quit! On the way out the door I told the assistant LPN exactly what I thought of her too! I became a legend. Everyone else just wished they could tell her! I sang that song at the top of my lungs all the way home that day!

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