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Music Monday: Midichlorian Rhapsody & Wastin’ Away Again on Tatooine

I didn’t mean to make a post last Tuesday and then not post at all.  But Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy at work, capping off with a midnight release.  Thursday I slept in and ran around helping setup a concert for an indie artist (and it seemed every mic cord had multiple knots in it…grr) and got home from the afterparty around 3am and wide awake and sleep schedule screwed up all weekend and and argh. At least with The Night Kitchen open now there’s something other than Denny’s and Shari’s in the middle of the night.

Anyway.  Wonderful video from the band that created Midichlorian Rhapsody:

Lyrics are on pages 19 & 20 of this here PDF.  The album is available for order or download at CDBaby.

Bonus! From the same album comes this video of Wastin’ Away Again on Tatooine, with lots of footage from classic Star Wars:

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