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From Marianne Kirby at The Rotund:

FA represents a long chain of people coming to the realization that the diet roller coaster is, to mix my metaphors, a sucker bet. The diet industry – when you get down to the bare, capitalist bones of it – has quite a lot of profit to be made from making people, especially women, feel awful about their bodies and their weight. If we all felt awesome about ourselves, they would go out of business.

From Nudemuse on some recent posts about fat and feminism:

[T]here seems to be some gap in a lot of feminist thought when it comes to granting fat women the same agency they might give to a woman who wants to do something else with her body.
No one likes being told, hey you might enjoy bread but you can’t have any because I think it would be best for you.

Now, I don’t know about you folks but my first reaction to that kind of condescension is to say, oh really, okay fuck you.

Maybe people with this mind set are trying to come from a loving place. If you are trying to come from a loving place think about it this way; if it was your life your body how would you feel about some stranger telling you what’s good for you in this manner? If it would upset you, don’t fucking say it.

And April at Round is a Shape on setting a boundary with her mother:

One phrase that I uttered early on in the day when my mother started to bemoan the fact that she was so hungry (after an early morning and only a granola bar she was feeling guilty for daring to feel famished by noon after driving 1.5 hours to see us!) and relay her guilt about going for a piece of bread or another pierogi: “This home is free of food judgments”.  And, happily, this was the last of self-recriminations that we really heard or voiced all day.


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