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Morning Wake-Up: Kashmir Floral Leggings

Yes, this is the folk/filk group Vixy and Tony (with Sunnie Larsen playing violin, Betsy Tinney playing cello, Heather Dale playing bohdran, and Ben Deschamps with the mandolin) performing Led Zeppelin.

I finally opened the package from the UK that arrived Saturday and found my size 32UK (“28US”) leggings are a bit loose.   This may signal good for ordering other things from Evans, but it’s still a bit disconcerting.  (Usually I’m a US 32 or 34 in pants.)  Of course they are leggings, but my size 4x Danskin leggings are a lot tighter.

One note on the Evans leggings – yes, they’re high-waisted, which is nice for long-torso’d me, but the top 4″ or so is lined, so if you wanted to roll them down it wold look fine.  I’m wearing them under a denim skirt so not a worry, but I know a lot of readers are shorter than I.

6 responses to “Morning Wake-Up: Kashmir Floral Leggings”

  1. Wow, this group is AWESOME. Do they have a recorded CD yet?

    As for your leggings, by experience I know that all clothes are tailored differently… it drives me crazy because it means «no secure shopping session». We are always at risk of being really pissed off because that ”plus size store” seems to size their 22’s as 14’s. GRR!

  2. Evans is wrong about the size translations, except maybe with the Beth Ditto stuff (the 20 in the blue velvet dress fits me). I have a non-stretchy size 16 shirt from there that fits, and I wear a US 16/18W. Their stuff is at most one size smaller than US plus sizes; the same as US straight sizes.

  3. I always have to buy several sizes smaller in Evans leggings. The rest of their clothes are usually reasonably consistently sized though.

    1. The frustrating thing is that I thought I DID buy a few sizes smaller! :\

  4. I have to get several sizes smaller in any brand of leggings. Three, sometimes four times smaller in fact. Because they’re made of stretchy fabric, and are meant to be fitted to my body, my regular size just gets all saggy and baggy once I’ve had them on my body for more than half an hour. Going down a few sizes seems to make them fit just right.

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